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Thread: Diapers Used to Hide Stuff

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    Default Diapers Used to Hide Stuff

    Just stumbled on this story, Chorizo smuggled in 'soiled diapers' - Criminal weirdness - Looks like some woman was trying to smuggle sausage in diapers. Figured I'd post it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That's just bizarre.

    Now... I often use a few *clean* unused diapers to give extra padding for my laptop bag. I figure that I'm going to use the diapers eventually and so they might as well help keep my laptop in a non-smashed condition.

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    Well, let's face it, who would normally check a dirty diaper if you didn't make it look suspicious.

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    Well...interesting, but by the title I thought you would talk about someone smuggling in drugs or something... not food...


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    This isn't surprising. When my family and I have went on vacation before, we have had suitcases with diapers in them searched, and it appears that the TSA agents were feeling them for anything that we might be hiding inside of them (idk why they weren't able to see that on the x-ray machine, though). I also saw this on a movie once, though that's not to say that movies depict real life...

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    Feeling the diapers for something huh? Maybe some extra bulkiness in the folding perhaps. And yeah, the story doesn't surprise me either. I've seen stories were diapers were used to smuggle in drugs, money, heck I even saw on cops once were a woman stuffed drugs down her sons diaper , but the cop asked her if she had any drugs on her, but he eventually found them in the child's diaper (apparently some of it was sticking out). But anyways, people like that who hide things in diapers other than their privates give diapers a bad name.
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    Good to see you finally back ultra.

    Anyhow, Baseball's (baseballs ) statement makes me wary of taking some when I go on future trips, if I am with mah parents. Always obstructing my fun.

    Edit: Finally got credit for one of my lultastic dumb posts.
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    The Mexican borders are sooo strict! They arrest people for smugeling sausages?!?!?! Thats like overkill!

    The Canadian borders... Yeah. They're so "chill" they ask "are you carrying any drugs with you?" "how many people?" "welcome to Canada!" DONE!

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    well you can't bring pork over.. damn i would do that to bring chorizo over from Mexico in fact we have smuggled alot of food from Mexico..never in diapers though...

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