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Thread: Public Potty Training

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    Default Public Potty Training

    Video - Breaking News Videos from

    I want to say its hard to believe someone would do that, but its hard to be surprised by what people do these days. Don't even know how I would have reacted to it.

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    Wow....I don't even.....What is wrong with people?

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    Why was this not brought to the attention of the manager or staff ? As for the parent that apparently thought that this was acceptable in a public setting, she is a complete A-hole.

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    She was probably thinking, "Well, if breastfeeding in public is ok, then why not this?" But... just... no. Good grief. I don't know how you compare those things.

    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    Summary for those of us who can't access the video?
    Mom has two mostly-naked kids sitting on potties at a table in a busy coffee shop.

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    AEashaettr, just for you!! What happened was, a mother of twin girls was at a restaurant & had her girls sitting on what looked to be booster seats & then she undressed her girls, for them to go potty in portable potty chairs right in the middle of said restaurant while people were eating all around them!!

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    I am not a hater, really, but this tops just about everything I have seen. I can get public breastfeeding, and I am okay with that, but really? Where people are eating? If you are that damn worried about it, why not use disposables? You aren't saving THAT much money! WTF???

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    Quote Originally Posted by txhippiekid View Post
    If you are that damn worried about it, why not use disposables? You aren't saving THAT much money!
    I'm pretty sure money had nothing to do with it. When you're potty-training kids, you really don't want them to use diapers at all! At the same time, if you're going to go cold turkey, it's really best to hole up at home for a little while. Nobody else needs to be involved, especially not at a restaurant! Also, do you really want your kid growing up with a memory of being naked and sitting on potty in front of a room full of strangers?! Kids that age remember stuff! That would be one creepy memory!

    People just don't get potty training. I think it's because we're so overly private these days, always closing the bathroom door behind us. If your kids see you using the toilet, they'll want to copy that, just like they copy everything else you do. If, instead, they're always on the other side of a closed/locked door when you're using the toilet, and you later end up having to tell them, "This is a toilet, and you should really try sitting on it," then... well, you chose the difficult path. A little bit of child psychology goes a long way!

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