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Thread: Resealable diapers, any advice welcome

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    Question Resealable diapers, any advice welcome

    I currently use Abenas M3s with plastic backing but am frustrated that the tapes are not able to be taped again if the need for BM (and not wanting to use it for such) or the runs arises.

    Could anyone recommend a brand that has tapes that can be retaped more than once?

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    The Abena tapes have a blue and a white part (At least in europe), so you can open the white tapes, do your business, then tape it back up (And if you're not too far off the blue pads when you retape, you can keep doing that a couple of more times at least).

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    Try Bambino Bianco, or you can try Provider's Choice Active Ultra Plus

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    This thread is talking about the exact same problem / situation that is also being discussed in another thread on here. For the OP, there is good advice and ideas mentioned over there. Might help you with what you are looking for.

    Abena X Plus

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