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Thread: Do you remember the last time you had your diaper changed by someone else?

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    Default Do you remember the last time you had your diaper changed by someone else?

    Some of the lucky people in our community get to have their diapers changed by significant others often, so maybe you guys and girls can share a certain change that sticks out in your mind.

    But for those who haven't been changed since your first round in diapers, do you remember any of them? Do you remember the last time it happened?

    Even if there was a random occurrence at some point, please share any vivid diaper change memories!!

    I can remember the actual last time I was changed. Since I was an extremely heavy bedwetter until 9ish, I have the benefit of being old enough to have clearer memories. They had me in Pull-ups at night until 10 to at least try to keep the bed dry. I'm not sure how it happened, but I had sleep messed when I was 9.. It was probably a stomach ache. I can't remember exactly how my Mom got involved, but the next thing I knew, she had me lay down on my back in the bathroom and changed me in the manner of a normal diaper change. It was the middle of the night and she was NOT happy about it, but knew it was an accident. By this time, I had an interest in diapers, but i hadn't had the full epiphany yet. I basically had a fascination with diapers in private and had acted on it hundreds of times, but continued to think it was normal.

    I'll always remember that feeling of a kind of regression. She used baby wipes, held my legs up in the air, and basically the whole 9 yards. It ended with a fresh pull-up and her cleaning up the bathroom.

    Any other memories?

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    I was a bedwetter in the days before Goodnites, so I had to wear actual diapers. My mom diapered me every night till I was 7.

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    When I first moved to the town I live in now, I was about 3 years old and still in diapers. I can recall my Sister and both brothers being at school and me sitting downstairs playing with my toys while my Ma was in the shower. I vividly recall having to pee quite bad, but I didn't want to stop playing! so I just let loose in the diaper, which I actually think ended up leaking. My Mom came downstairs laid me down and told me: "It was time for a diaper change!". That's about all I really remember.

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    Closest thing I can remember is a vague memory of waking up with my jammies soaked. I must have been just out of diapers, at least night ones, because I was surprised that I wasn't just wet in my "diaper area."

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    No, but I wish I could.

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    i was a heavy bed-wetter (and bed-messer...funny word) until i was 11 because of medical reasons. I can remember frequent times that my mother and my sister helped me put on diapers/ pull ups, whatever they were buying at the time, and it was all good to great memories. Sometimes my sister bitched about having to help change me and that was no fun, but oh well. Anyway, I don't really remember much "pre-3 or 4 years old" that vividly, so i think it has been a while since i have actually been laid down on a changing table or flat surface and changed like a baby. I wish that they had done that during the time, in retrospect; but, i was too young to really care how i or they put them on, at the time. I got pretty good at putting diapers/pull ups on myself in the evenings and nights because i had to wear them every night from 4 - 11 years, as previously mentioned. However, they usually always had to help me get cleaned up in the morning until i was about 8, so i never really completely did it myself until age 9; and, then, after 11 i didn't have NEARLY as many accidents. Consequently, My diaper wearing decreased significantly until i was 15.

    If i were to name my favorite memory from "changing diaper times" as a kid, it would be those mornings that i did have "both" accidents from around age 3-7 and mom would have to help me clean up before my day got started. She never made fun or was upset in the least and that always made me feel excellent. Sometimes, if it was a Saturday or Sunday and i didn't have to go anywhere, she would clean me up, wait for me to get done bathing and then help put me into another diaper so that i wouldn't have any post-sleep disasters. I only wore during the day on few occasions, so these memories are more rare and more tender than say - sitting in a diaper at age 6, watching star trek the next generation with my entire family not caring that i was in diapers. The mundane atmosphere of wearing diapers at home most of the time made it a pretty comfortable and not a big deal at all, because everyone there knew i had to. Even most of my good friends that came over on regular occasion didn't really care. Of course, one or two of them accidentally would let slip, at elementary school, that i wore and even though it somewhat frustrated me, nothing really ever came of it. I am fortunate to have had a great childhood in many aspects. Some not so great, considering perspective; but these diaper memories....awesome.

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    I was changed by a fellow AB/DL furry when I hung out with him sometime last year, it was just so exciting to me not doing it myself for once. I also changed him as well.

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    For me this was a very special experience.
    My story is kind of long, but it meant so much to me.
    Without getting to graphic, it was done by a Lesbian friend.
    Who we both saw each other nude often.
    But we had nothing but platonic feelings for one another.
    Unfortunately we are no longer Friends now, but at the time it was nothing but fond memories.
    Because it felt so real and I felt like I was at least 4 year old once again.
    She knew all too well about my diaper lover side and even tried one once.
    Other than liking not needing to get up during a movie it did nothing for her.
    But I thought it was kewl she at least tried it and accepted my love of wearing them.
    She said let me change your diaper and I just laughed it off at first.
    We always did weird things like that just because it seemed interesting I guess.
    I'll be just like your Mommy, not realizing I have an anti-Mommy thing.
    Because my real Mother was so against wearing diapers past a certain age for some reason.
    But I loved the baby-sitter that let me wear one to bed past age 3. Of course Mom never had her back.
    So she was my baby-sitter and helped me take off my clothes and had me lay down on the end of the bed.
    I had a SDK's and Cushies in my drawer, so she showed me both and I said I want to wear the Pamper, pointing to the SDK's
    She got my Nuk 5 out along with lotion and powder and really made it an experience.
    All the while talking to me, telling me it's okay to wear Pampers @ your age. (I guess she meant 3)
    I had such tender and innocent feelings that were Child like and hard to even explain.
    And it never became sexual which is why I think it felt so REAL.

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    I don't remember what was the last time but I remember some times.

    One time on the changing table my mom was cleaning #2 off me with a cold wet wipe (hated the feeling) and then changing me into a fresh soft new white Dryper (I believe when they still had the crayon designs so circa 1997? + they were cloth-backed) and it was comfortably big on me; the waistband covered my bellybutton!

    Another time we went to a festival or parade or something and shorty after getting there I went #2 so my dad took me back to the van to change me.

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    I've been changed by a number of people, and have probably changed just as many. My daddy usually does it (love you!), but my fickle matey bear has done it in the past too. I think the most memorable time was when I was changed in an alcove on the beach, laying on a towel, after playing in the ocean in nothing but a diaper. Nobody was around of course. It was far, far out of the way.

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