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Thread: Some of my Artwork (Please be Gentle!!)

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    Default Diaper Art?

    Hey guys! I wasn't sure where exactly to post this stuff, but I figured that this was the most appropriate place.
    It's just some crinkle art I'd been working on (though truthfully I finished it some time ago) and figured I'd spread the wealth. Hope you guys enjoy!
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Name:	hands are f**ing hard to draw1.jpg 
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Name:	more crinkleart .jpg 
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    Just a suggestion. Go with a Blank paper it will look better on that. But your artwork great. I tend to draw Castles or trees on glass.

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    Default Some of my Artwork (Please be Gentle!!)

    Ah yes, setting up another thread so soon after my first (I know, I didn't see the initial 'Babyfur/Diaperfur' topics board). Let's hear it for misperception!^^
    Anyway, here's a few drawings that I had started some time ago, including my first couple of attempts at using color. I figured you guys might like 'em
    Feel welcome to give me your honest opinion on each piece and to offer any advice that you feel may be helpful for me to learn. I am always open to new ideas/techniques to keep me improving for the future and would love to know what you guys think of my work.
    I will ask though that all criticism be kept at least semi-constructive, if it isn't too much trouble. I know that I'm not the best artist in the world, so please bear with me while I work to better myself .
    Hope you enjoy!
    P.S. I wasn't sure if 'angel' technically constituted as 'furry', but they have animalistic features so I figured I'd give it a go.
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Name:	dangel1.jpg 
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    Thank you Lestat (awesome name, btw^^), I'll have to remember that. Those Lines DO tend to screw up the perspective a bit, don't they?
    Also, someone suggested that I develop Ms. Bunny here into a recurring character, but I've yet to decide on a name...
    Any suggestions?

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    I'm not an artist in any way shape or form, namely because when I try to draw something it loses all semblance of what it's supposed to be. I like your work though I can't help thinking I've seen that Angel drawing before maybe on a different site perhaps?

    Good job,

    - Chance

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    It takes a while to get the perspective down, believe me. If you keep at it, you will end up surprising yourself.
    As for the angel(I think I remember naming her 'Kirie'; the site is down right now, so I can't check), you may have seen it posted on my FA account; My username is 'diaperkitten4ever'. I tried to carry my fursona name over from there, but someone here had already laid claim to it(rrr~ X<).
    Thank you for the words of encouragement!

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    Pretty good, you sure know how to use a pencil ^^

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    Thank you all very much! It's nice to have such strong support^^

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    I think you have alot of talent. Keep at it and you'll do great things. I've seen plenty of them ^^

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