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Thread: I know this has come up alot but please help

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    Default I know this has come up alot but please help

    So i want to order from abuniverse and my question is what does the order look like on you credit or debit card because i dont want it coming up saying that i bought diapers

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    The company's name "Care Health Services" is what appears on your CC statement. Nothing specifically mentioning diapers at all.

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    Since you have a debit or credit card I would open a pay pal account and use pay pal. I use pay pal and that's all that shows on my statement.

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    When you checkout you desginate pay pal and it will link you up to pay pal and follow the instructions to setup your account. It takes about 5 min and that way

    from then on you can use it any where oneline.

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    and also i want to get the sample package and the only size they have is medium or large what do i get i am a 34 to 36 inch waist

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    Go with the medium. I received the sample pack in the mail about a week and a half ago. Mind you I ended up throwing them out and only wore one to amuse my Mom and sister. We got a few laughs and I learned I'm not into "baby diapers." They come in a sealed package and the only information on there pertaining to the contents of the package were "Male undergarments" and shipping information. Mind you I live in Canada so the package had to have some sort of description for clearing customs and such. The mail man seemed to get a laugh out of it too... As Yahoocdk said "Care Health Services" is the only thing that will be showing up on any statement,

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