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Thread: I really need help with sizes

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    Default I really need help with sizes

    Over the past couple of months I have made a few posts regarding this topic each that didn't really get any replies. However, I really need your guys's help here so if anybody knows about this stuff please let me know

    I'm looking into possibly buying drynites. I will not be using them for their purpose, I just want to own a pack so I could possibly wear one for fun once in a while

    So, here are my questions.

    1. Would Drynites Male 8 - 15 years (I'm a teenager) fit a 31" Male. I weigh
    about 155lb and am currently 5'9 with as I said, a 31" waist.

    2. Are there any bigger sized pullups that ship to the UK that you guys would recommend?

    3. Anybody who has ordered the sample pack from the website, what appears on your credit card and how is the product packed? Is it discreet?

    If anybody could help me with finding the answers to these questions I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance

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    Just to let you know, I'M around 180lb and nearly 40" waist, the L-XL GoodNites (DryNItes in the UK) fit me, they are tight and don't cover too much in my case but for you they should work really well, be advised that they probably won't hold what a healthy teenager could produce during the night so they will probably leak somehow, but if you're careful, they will work really well.

    For the other questions, I can't really help you out.

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    Well, I am 177cm tall and weigh 65kg with a 32" waist. And Drynites 8-15 fit me perfectly. If I were you though I'd purchase the girls' version. 1, they fit better at the front for some unknown reason... 2, they have the absorbency located in a better place (further back) and 3 it's way less awkward to buy a girls nappy than boys.

    Just my 20c.

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    Hi guys, as I said in the post I'm not planning to use them, I just want to own a pack and wear them for fun :-D

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