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    What a morning. I am somewhat accustomed to strange dreams. However, this just seemed weird. I dreamed that I was in the pharmacy at K Mart and astoundingly they had a good selection of plastic backed adult diapers. I was looking at a stack of Medlines when I woke up.

    I thought of the dream as I took my son to school this morning and though I did not go to K Mart, I did visit the Goodwill behind it. I bought six packs of Medline briefs for under twenty dollars this morning.

    Great find, coincidence, precognition, or weird tales of mad science???

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    On Saturday someone left a baby diaper in the McDonald's parking lot. I kicked it and it snowed cotton and SAP. Thankfully the diaper was unused or else I (probably) wouldn't have kicked it. Anyway, my friend and I went into the McDonald's and came out with some tasty burgers and the exploded diaper had choked a pigeon. Like, the pigeon came and ate the stuff I guess? Anyway, the rest of the SAP and cotton spelled out "Your Fault" with a frowny face.

    I think you are on to something here. Is it possible that we're wasting their potential? Maybe we are the gatekeepers to a world beyond!

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    Our parents were right!!! Diapers are satanic!!!

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