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    I usually buy the CVS brand diapers due to their cost. Yes they are not near the best, but I have little play time, so they work/worked for me. The last package I bought the diapers seemed to me to be very thin. When held up to the light the front part of the diaper was almost see-thru and the stuffing was not uniform. I have never noticed this before. In the past they served me well, but certainly not now.

    Has anyone noticed this?

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    No, but I have only bought those on a few occasions to date. I would guess it's a bad batch. Given the low cost, I doubt quality control is as descriminant as other higher quality brands. I do love them for their reasonable thickness and absorbancy though.

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    CVS jumped the shark when they went from plastic to cloth. I partially understand the reasons why but plastic, even cheap plastic, just feels special.

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