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    I searched for a current thread on this topic - only found a closed one.

    Last week, I was camping along a river in Oregon. I usually only have wetting issues at night if I'm using my CPAP but I chose to pad up anyways (I was in a tent with no power...camping). So I woke up early in the AM with a wet diaper and because I was with other people who don't know about my DL ways (or bedwetting), I headed off to the bathroom on the other side of the campground to change. When I arrived, I found it locked - with a temporarily 'out of service' sign on the door.

    Well, not to be crass, but the 200yd walk loosened things up and I really needed the bathroom for more than just #1. I set off for another bathroom at another corner of the campground and proceeded to lose it along the way. This was one of the few times in my life where I had a genuine accident - and genuinely was glad I was wearing a diaper. If I hadn't been, I probably would have dove into a bush and hopefully wouldn't have messed myself - but who knows. I'm not really into the #2 scene and usually get quite turned off by it when I once in a while use my diaper for that purpose. The cleanup for this episode in a campground bathroom cured me of wanting to do it for probably months to come.

    Anyways - Just thought I'd open this thread again - for those of you who are not IC, have you ever worn (for pleasure) and had that come in handy on accident?

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    When you wear diapers on a regular basis you're vastly more likely to accidentally need them i think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foley View Post
    When you wear diapers on a regular basis you're vastly more likely to accidentally need them i think.
    Thanks for the input Incontinence Specialist Dr.Foley, where did you study again?

    Anyways wearing while camping is fun, at least if your just going to be sitting around camp most or all day. The last two times I've been camping were at camp grounds that had restrooms and even showers ( ::rolls eyes:: Bathing in the river and/or rain is more fun) so of course when presented with that I think most people would still rather number 2 in the restroom then their padding. As it prompts a necessary change ASAP.

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    Once. I was living in Denver, it was 2003, and was relatively close to an Albertsons (grocery store). I decided to go full fetish (wearing spandex AND diapers). I wore a blue footless leggings, sandals, and a purple leotard. Fleece vest over the leotard. Diaper on underneath. I went to Walmart, and used the diaper for wetting once or twice. During that time while I was shopping, the sudden urge came to go #2. So, I calmly made my way into the direction of the corner of the store where I knew a public toilet was located. Only to find out that the store had some water damage from a pipe above the bathroom, and caused flooding, so it was closed. So, I very quickly finished my shopping. I didnt want to have to abandon my stuff, and come back in the outfit again, or come back having changed, that would seem weird. Anyways, on the way back on the bus, I stood the whole way (7 minute ride). I got off the bus, and was walking down the little hill next to a bank when I stopped, and it just unloaded all at once into my diaper. It felt very good to not have to worry about it anymore, and it felt interesting to empty your bowel in about 4 seconds, and like the OP says, that clean up experience pretty much put me off from doing it again for a good L O N G time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Thanks for the input Incontinence Specialist Dr.Foley, where did you study again?


    I never said anything about incontinence. >.>

    I was talking about just "normal," AB use. When wearing diapers just for the fun of it people seem to find themselves in situations where their forced to use them for whatever reason.

    People can go 10 years without an accident, wear diapers for fun for a few days and get caught in a traffic jam desperately needing to go.

    No need for that sarcasm. o.o

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    have you ever worn (for pleasure) and had that come in handy on accident?
    Partially for pleasure; I often wear when I fly light aircraft and a couple of months back my stomach decided, in the middle of a three hour flight, that it was not impressed with whatever I had eaten 2 hours before. I eventually did my business and promptly made my way home as soon as I was on the ground. I was fortunate in that it was only me in the aircraft, because it did smell.

    Back before I gave this part of my life the interest it requires I was driving back from dinner at a restaurant in Cape Town. I live about 20 miles/36km outside of Cape Town. As I was driving back home my stomach started to get angry... so I accelerated and basically went as fast as I safely could. Unfortunately things deteriorated quickly and as it was 1am, nothing was open. I eventually stopped in an empty parking lot and had one of the worst #2 experiences of the last 3 years of my life. I had nowhere else to do it but on a drain in the parking lot.

    From that point on I always carry a diaper in my car, stashed under a seat in a bag. It's on of the plusses of being a DL .

    P.S. My stomach seems to get angered easily, not sure if it's just me or bad luck.

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