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Thread: Getting diapers for the first time

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    Question Getting diapers for the first time

    Alright, so, during the weekdays, I'm going to be home alone during the mornings and a little bit in the afternoon. My mom and stepdad has work, my lil bro is back in school... and I'm off on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (though, my classes on Monday and Wednesday don't start until around 11 AM). I have $20 on me, so I can probably get to the store and by some diapers.

    But what I'm wondering here is, well, first, what brand should I get? I used to wear Goodnites before, a very long time ago, but I've seen that they changed from their previous designs, where they used to look like white pull-ups, but now they look more different. To those who have worn the new Goodnites, do they still feel the same as before or no? By all means, I don't mind the designs at all, what it looks like, I just want to wear whatever feels like a diaper (preferably a pull-ups).

    Another thing is, well, how am I gonna get rid of them discreetly? Then again, it should be easy since I have no plans on using them... but in the case that I end up doing that, how should I dispose of it?

    And one last thing... how should I go about hiding them? I live in a trailer, so there's no attic or basement, and our rooms are pretty small. I do have an empty shoe box, and my bed does have some cabinets on it, but I'm kind-a concerned that someone might stumble upon it.

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    I hide them in the corner of my closet, they sometimes get found but when they do I just throw the rest away and my mom assumes it was for medical reasons or something (If I didn't throw them away she would see the bambino print on them). When I didn't order them online I would get the tabbed ones from walgreens, sadly they don't sell those anymore. As for geting rid of them take a plastic grocery bag and throw them in that, if you parents ask whats in it say you were cleaning your room.

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    The feel of a diaper is the thing for me too. Ummm, I haven't worn for a while now but I used the Depends Real-Fit pull up diaper. I don't use them for anything, so I couldn't see a point in wearing the ones with tape.

    As for hiding, you said you have cabinets under your bed? What about in and behind the cabinet? Like pull the cabinet out, hide the diapers in there and put the cabinet back in?

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