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Thread: grrrrrrrrrrr at the media

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    Angry grrrrrrrrrrr at the media

    FOX Attacks Bronies - YouTube

    stuff like this makes me soo mad because it is not like this at all.

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    Default Re: grrrrrrrrrrr at the media

    Rage face meme and all it is bull shit but I also don't think morbidity obese people should get disability you should starve untill you get skinny enough to work again.

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    It's fox... I'm not from the US, but from what I heard it is a non-stopping bullshit shower upon it's viewers :P

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    Default grrrrrrrrrrr at the media

    TBH, I found that quite funny.

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    Welp, first off, their facts are wrong. They investigated Stanley to make sure that he wasn't using his aid for AB supplies. He actually DOES have health issues, and is entitled to aid because of it. It was messy, but after all of his medical records were sent in Stanley was in the clear. So that's that.

    And I doubt the Bronies are actually getting paid because of the fact that they're addicted to MLP. I'm sure these people have actual health issues as well. Sigh.

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    grrrrrrrrrrr at the bitching of something old and about Fox News no less. Murdoch isn't on Adisc and neither is anyone in his direct or indirect employment I bet.

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    I believe that this was on the LATE LATE LATE news. This also seems fairly old, and in its heyday probably was a non-researched segment.

    garbage in, garbage out. All 20 of FOX's 3:45am viewers were more than likely not in a position of power.

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    Meh.. it's fox.

    They didn't invent biased sensationalism .. but they wield it like a pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoundCoder View Post
    Meh.. it's fox.
    Actually it's not Fox, at least not Fox News, like the video says. It is a local Fox affiliate station. This is the Fox that plays The Simpsons and American Idol, not the Fox that plays right wing sensationalist crap like Sean Hannity. I hate defending Fox News, but the fact is that this isn't Fox News.

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    I couldn't even finish watching it. This is exactly why I get my news from alex jones or other less mainstream sources. I wish somebody would find that @$$hole in a dark alleyway with an aluminum baseball bat. The truth is though, hes just mad that he can't do it. And the reason hes talking $#%^ is because hes probably got his own alternative lifestyle hes ashamed of. That he is a 3:00 AM news anchorman or whatever should say it all though.

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