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Thread: Finding pullups for the girlfriend

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    Default Finding pullups for the girlfriend

    First, a little background. My girlfriend recently asked me what my most unusual fantasy about her is, and I confessed to her that one weird fantasy I had was seeing her in a pullup while we did... non PG-13 things. (Filtering for the site, haha)

    I am not a DL myself, but the idea of seeing my girlfriend in diapers is a fantasy of mine for reasons I don't understand. It's been getting more intense and she's open to trying new things in the bedroom. She's considering the idea of diapers, but honestly, both of us are clueless and uninformed. Neither of us know much about diapers.

    So, all that said, we'd ideally like to get her in a pullup type diaper, but like I said, we're really clueless. We don't really know where to look and we don't know if they even have ones that would fit. She's 5'3, 125 lbs if that helps.

    We really appreciate any help that we can get! Thanks in advance to all.

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    She's pretty small I bet Goodnights would fit. They make them for boys and girls and they sell them at stores like Wal-Mart.

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    I'm 5'5" and an athletic 140 and carry most of my weight in my butt and Goodnites fit me just fine. They're super cute with girly designs on them (one is hearts on a background of purple zebra print and the other has butterflies and flowers and peace signs in multiple colors.) If you are planning on her using them, be warned that they don't hold a terrible lot of fluid and do tend to leak, but if you are having her wear them and not use them, they would probably be a good choice.

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    Hmm...I don't think you'll find too many pull ups unless you order adult ones online but as Quietside said Goodnight should do the trick.

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    Awesome. Thanks for all the responses guys, we'll see what happens next!

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