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    So, I noticed there have been other posts like this, but the most recent one was closed.... Here we go again, then.

    Last night I dreamed that I was on my way to universal's islands of adventure to see the Harry Potter theme park. I had somehow got hold of this fantastic care bears diaper in the two tapes baby style, but adult sized. The night before, I put it on and decided the wear it the next morning still under my jeans and shirt. I, then, was at the ferry dock where I go for work every morning before I go to the school where I work and this girl from college sees me and asks, "Why are you wearing a diaper under your clothes today?" She said it so matter of da fly and was dressed so grown up. In real life we were good friends, but not best friends and we rarely talk now. So I smiled at her and said that I was lucky only she could notice. Then, the left diaper tape kept unsticking and being all weird and it was bugging me and I kept being paranoid tha my mom would find out since she was traveling with me.

    This dream wasn't quite as diaper filled as some others. Usually in my dreams I am looking for diapers for someone else and am hoping to get one for myself. Other times i have this fantastic stash of super thick diapers and I keep trying to wear one, but the door refuses to lock and usually m mom will catch me. A few times I've dreamt of a giant sleepover where me and a bunch of friends are wearing them but I'm the only girl and wonder when the others will show up. The reoccurring dream that makes me sad is one where I find my old blankie that I don't have anymore and there's two of them and I realize I will never have to be without her again. I'm always sad when I wake up after that dream.

    The first AB dream I had was I was I this house where every floor was different. I still will occasionally dream about this house, but not this room. It had, in the middle of the room, a round bed with these dark red/ maroon sheets and the bed had a big curtain going all the way arond it. Except, the curtain was like a wall, lined with stuffed animals, especially baby ones. I remember just being so warm and curling up in the middle of the bed, getting ready to suck my thumb. I found a paci, but was too afraid to suck it.

    So does anyone want to share a first ABDL. dream or a recent one?

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    Being severely IC, the only diaper-related dreams I've had were about being without one, and peeing myself in public. Very unpleasant.

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    I remember awhile ago I had my first TB dream a few weeks ago.
    In the dream I was in a crib, wearing a cute diaper with baby designs on it and I was sucking on a baby bottle filled with milk, and I also had a pacifier in my crib.
    That was the entire dream. I got woken up sadly
    But I was smiling and feeling really content when I woke up, which I've never felt before about being a TB.
    Needless to say, i really loved it.

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    I havent had a diaper dream in a while, but I have gotten them a lot. most of the time I will just be in the store with parents, when suddenly i will wet my pants or my parents will want to put me back in Pampers or Huggies for whatever reason. However right as they are about to put it on I wake up

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    I've had dreams during the night like that. But usually its me trying to keep from pooping my diapers out in the open.

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    Sometimes I have dreams where I'm wearing diapers at school or at summer camp and some of the other guys are wearing diapers, too. I usually have these kinds of dreams about once a month.

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    Ha. I've had a couple of diaper dreams in the past few months (regarding my boyfriend)
    They're always about me trying different diapers on and always about me wearing them.

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    There was one I had a while ago. I had a girl friend and we were in my car and she lifted up her skirt revealing a diaper and I was also wearing one.

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