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Thread: Annoyances -.-

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    Default Annoyances -.-

    What are some things that you can't get over? Things that people do that annoy you to no end? That drive you mad?

    For example, every time I see someone calling something by a brand name instead of by what the actual name for the object is, I'll definitely facepalm, and most likely twitch or something. Like, people calling a circular saw a "Skil" saw, or calling duct tape "Duck" tape.

    The above is what prompted me to make this thread, seeing people using "Duck" tape in the place of the actual name of the tape. Cause of that, that's what's most prominent in my mind right now, so I'll probably post again later with more.

    So, ADISC, what are some of yours?

    Edit: I can agree with a lot of these posts, such as "txt tlk" and gossip. Also people who go out and get drunk for no reason whatever but because it's almost a hobby. >.>

    Also: It irritates me when I find that I've used an emoticon as punctuation...
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    All of the sudden <--- this makes me want to punch infants

    Intensive purposes

    i/dont/cant/r/u/ur etc.

    People that pronounce Detroit as three syllables (Dee-troy-it)

    I get annoyed easily, but then I correct them and I feel better. They usually get pissed off at being corrected, but it's their own fault for being wrong in the first place.


    People that call footed sleepers onesies. Onesie is, like your comment's pet peeve, a brand name. It's a brand of bodysuit. Sleepers are sometimes called "one-piece" pajamas, which has led to some people (particularly in the UK) calling sleepers onesies, and it makes me want to waterboard them.

    I'm totally not a violent person, though. :3

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    Can't say I get the proprietary eponym hate. A particular company is the first to produce or becomes so widely synonymized with a product that people use their brand name to refer to it.. seems fine to me. There's probably people out there who wouldn't know what you meant if you asked for a "cotton swab" .. but say Q-Tip and they know what your talking about. What's the harm? I'm sure the companies don't mind!

    As for my annoyances:
    - Excessive drama / excessively dramatic people
    - People who refuse to take ownership of their problems and/or refuse to take initiative and figure it out (this is mainly a work thing.. one guy in particular gets on my nerves because of this..)
    - Excessive boat rockers. I'm all for people fighting for whats right.. but it just seems like some people are looking for causes and will battle any injustice. I don't mind until I have to listen to it / it interferes with my day.
    - The capital "M" mothers. The type that are on the news complaining that tag encourages victimization or whatever the "save the children" thing of the week is.

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    The one think that annoys me is when people say "me and John" instead of "John and I".

    Also to the OP. people say duck tape because it's a lot easyer to say than duct tape. I've never heard someone call a skil saw a circular saw and work on building sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    i/dont/cant/r/u/ur etc.
    most of those i can get behind, but "i" is the one i have a problem with. If I really want to make a point, I'll use capitals and proper punctuation, but for the most part, i just make sure everything is spelled correctly. might be just laziness of the shift key, but that's my bit.

    my own peeves
    ppl whu takl leik dis
    little kids in video games (i'm not against their age; just that their voices are needles in my ears)
    FREAKING. GOSSIP. "so I heard that (random person) likes to do (random innocuous activity)!" "no way, that's so weird!!" -one of the reasons i HATE HATE HATE church. hoooooooooooly crap.

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    I hate seeing people with their pants sagging down to their ankles. Seriously, how do people find such a ridiculous look appealing?

    I hate the commercial with the people screaming "its my money and I need it now" out of their windows.

    I hate when people randomly shout "butt-scratcher".

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskvarna View Post
    The one think that annoys me is when people say "me and John" instead of "John and I".
    It's not always correct to say "and I" and instead of "me and". For instance, you would say "Cynthia came with me and John to the store". Take John out of the sentence. You wouldn't say "Cynthia came with I to the store", you would say "with me".

    I should teach English.

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    Default Annoyances -.-

    When people rant about someone having shit spelling and grammar, and then spelling grammar with an e....

    Pretty much any spelling or grammar mistake, especially if it's laziness. Even more so if they blame the mistake(s) on the fact that they are using a phone or other such device, because there's a thing called proof-reading. I write 90% of my posts here on my iPod.


    People who can't admit that they're wrong.

    People who discriminate or are prejudiced.

    Politicians (Boris Johnson is the exception, he is hilarious).

    Many many other things that I cannot currently think of.

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    Lately I've just been annoyed with people who's egos are out of check.
    I have this one Latino friend online who lives in the ghetto and plays football.
    He's 6'1 and 133 pounds (so hes basically all skin and bone) and his max bench press is 95 pounds.
    He thinks he can wreck anyone on my football team.
    He has this thought process that because we're suburban white kids, we must be weak and suck at fighting, because he thinks he's automatically better at fighting than us because he's Latino.
    I like the guy, but he just gets annoying as fuck sometimes.

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