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    I have heard a few people say that they have re-used clean diapers but I was wondering how you got the tabs to re-stick? I don't have a lot of money to spend on diapers so if I can reuse them that would be awesome.

    Currently I have tried to staple the sides back together but it didn't work very well.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    You might be better off trying cloth. I've never tried reusing any of mine as there always wet when I take them off.

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    Cloth-backed diapers use Velcro-like tabs and are easier to re-stick than sticky tape on plastic ones.

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    Bambino brand diapers and similar ones made by the secure company Total Dry Xplus both have very forgiving tape landing zones that enable you to retape at least a couple times.
    I like these for this purpose...I don't always 'use' mine and so it makes it easy to reuse.

    These aren't cheap of course - or easy to get for everyone (mail order). But they are the best solution IMO.

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    Most name brand adult diapers have dual layer tapes so you can retape later with the outer tapes.

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    You could use that clear packing tape and you wouldn't even see the tape. There also is a white duct tape, and it's very sticky.

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    I have found electrical tape sticks well to the plastic for reuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    Duck tape or similar would probably be the best bet.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    You could use that clear packing tape and you wouldn't even see the tape. There also is a white duct tape, and it's very sticky.
    If I am going to reuse a diaper, I will make a tape landing strip before I put the diaper on. As Ben and dogboy have suggested, you could use packing tape or duct tape. Personally I use duct tape (white and/or transparent). I will start the diapering up process, and just as I am about to stick the tape tabs, I will stop and mark where the tape would have landed. Then I tape a strip of white or clear duct tape and make a landing strip in that area. Then, when I put the diaper on, the tape tab lands on the duct tape strip.

    When taking the diaper off, the tape tabs comes off the landing strip easier and without tearing the plastic backing. If the tape tabs become unusable I simply put a small strip of duct tape over the tape tab and then tape the diaper up using the duct tape as a tape tab,,,making sure it still lands on the duct landing strip.

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