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Thread: Jogging and diapered.

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    Default Jogging and diapered.

    Have you guys tried jogging when you are diapered. I tried it yesterday, it was difficult at first trying to run with a diaper on. However I get the "hang" of it. .

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    What kind of diaper do you use?
    No problem for me in Goodnites. I think that these diapers are fine even for heavy wetters as you don't run for 5 hours I guess

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    I've run with semi-bulky diapers on before, honestly I've never had a problem. After running for a bit, it just felt normal.


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    I used kendall Lille Maxi. Therefore I had difficulties running if I'm diapered due to bulk between my legs. LOL. I had to wear a bigger shorts and a baggy shirt, to prevent other joggers noticing me in diapers lol.

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    For fun, I went running in a Goodnite once. It felt soooo weird and was really hard to get used to. But maybe that's just me. I don't wear in public much at all so it was all extra unsettling.

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    Goodnights or pulls up are easier for running and other sports activities. I have not tried trekking with diapers on. I wonder how will it felt.

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    I've run many times with a diaper on. But I have to admit that it was for the thrill of crinkling through the park with nothing over a diaper but running shorts. I did it mostly in the winter when I could wear a sweatshirt to prevent anything too revealing, out of respect for everyone else.

    The types of diapers have ranged from breathables to Molicare super plus.

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    I've ran for miles in a Dry 24/7 with no problems whatsoever. I just did it the other night, actually. It was just fine. Nothing special, nothing terrible.

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    Default One word: chafing

    If you do any sort of decent miles (4 miles or less is just a warmup...), it ain't gonna work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post One word: chafing

    If you do any sort of decent miles (4 miles or less is just a warmup...), it ain't gonna work.
    Are you a Olympian or something?

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