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Thread: What's your view on religion?

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    Default What's your view on religion?

    I've always had a passion for religion and spirituality, and I'd like to know your thoughts as well!

    For me, it's a very mixed reaction. On one end, the church nowadays is used for control through fear and a great non-taxed source of income. On the other end, it's provided some valuable insight in many different ways, and actually has some sound spiritual advice. Plus, it's saved my sister's life for the most part.

    I'm referring to Christianity when I say this, mainly since I live in 'Merca where virtually everyone is a Christian, but other religions are open to discussion as well.

    Be nice about it too...

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    I view religion as a rather personal thing and something I do not discuss openly with people. People will believe what they will believe and I am respectful of that. Religion has been an excuse for so many wars and suffering throughout history. To me it can be mankind's worst enemy and a way to bring people together in common belief. I try to remain open minded but I do believe in God and the return of Jesus Christ but that's me.

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    I personally am acceptible of all religions. I don't really care what other people believe, everyone has there own views on this subject, we spend so much time arguing and fighting over religion that we forget one crucial thing. our own views may not be right based only on pure faith alone

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    For me Religion is personal things and I accept what other people believes since I believe if everyone is faithful in their religion then there aren't such things as War because religion. I know I sound very much naive but that is the simple logic. But now people are fighting because of religion.

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    Religion is like a penis, it's OK to have one but don't wave it around in public and don't force onto others or down kid's throats. I don't have a problem with religion but with the religious, it is OK to have beliefs and whether I think they're right or wrong shouldn't matter but I don't think it is fair to impose your religion on others especially in the case of politics in which I believe religion should have no place whatsoever. Let people make up their own mind and if they don't want to be involved in religion they should not have to have yours impact on their life in a significant manner.

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    Personally, and I don't mean to offend anyone, but i think that organized religion is just about the greatest evil that exists in todays society. I say this because to me religion/spirituality is such a subjective experience that a church or what have you, telling you what to think and feel and believe about life or existence or the world in general is simply morally wrong to me. Now, on the flip side, I think truly spiritual people who create a loving and accepting community is fantastic and wonderful, but churches and the like these days have basically become political tools and for profit corporations basically. Just my two cents.

    As always, thanks for reading!
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    Everyone has their own, and none are more inherently correct or incorrect than any other. However, when compared to abstracted generalizations about existence, all of them are theoretically capable of making metaphorical and symbolic sense in some way, to our own consciousnesses. Perception is mainly individual, as far as i can tell. Even Scientists, Atheists, Nihilists, Solipsistic-ists, Quantum Physicists, Applied Mathematicians, Cognitive Psychologists, and whatever else are all just worshiping their form of logic as a form of being (or existence) that is absolute and above or beyond them. The most intelligent people on the planet will most likely admit (maybe just to themselves perhaps lol) that their concepts of notions of ideas were derived from something that proves, to them, that the way they think is correct. Logic, when considered as a philosophical concept of organizing structures with intelligence and using those constructs to observe systems, isn't necessarily considered a separated notion, but an extension of mathematics. Mathematics can be virtually viewed as forms of compartmentalized quantification, those of which are measured by our perceptual abilities, to imbue order to that which we may or may not understand. Of course, i think logic -math- whatever is the most relatively complex ideology that we, as limited humans, can comprehend in this corporeal state. I would like to believe that forms of order and logic are infinitely macro-cosmic as they are infinitesimally microcosmic, in paradoxical equality; but, it is just strong feelings and random emotions that make me think there may be truth to what i pretentiously prattle on about. Who knows?

    I feel that i am rambling about many existential and quantum concepts relating to many fields, but i see connection, in some shape or form, everywhere. Christians say we are "one" under a ubiquitously infinite God, Scientists, specifically atheists, say that we are one under logic and math (or more specifically, the Higgs field, or the infinite web form string theory, m-theory, holographic principle, etc), Eastern Philosophies say we are "one" under nature and that nirvana is "one" with everything, Islam says we are considered "one" under Allah, and Nihilists believe that they are "one" with void or one that uses "logic" to define his or her belief in nothing; so, you see, there are connections, as general as they may be. One common theme arises when considering all of them together.....Oneness.....Singularity.....Absolutio n...... - Sounds like we all worship the concepts of that one incomprehensible mentality. Sometimes it just takes a peripheral that isn't afraid to look at the cracks in all the walls and say, "what is on the other side". It can always be that way, always. Perhaps if we all learned to be teachers and followers of each other, then we might be able to share our ridiculous differences, no matter how juxtaposed they might be. Thanks for letting me ramble, because i don't think i am right. Honestly, I have no idea at all. However, I do think having an opinion is entertaining, just to see how everyone else will react....Ahhh, Anthropology.

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    I am an atheist. I don't really think about religion much, except when someone annoys by shoving it in my face, whether that be door-to-door people preaching it, or angry atheists on the internet (see reddit's atheism section for an example. They're as bad as any modern religious group at times ).

    The one exception is that I dislike the Catholic Church (the organisation, not the religion or its followers) for what it has done in this country (many, many child abuse cases) and its attempts to cover it up, deny responsibility and get out of as much trouble as it can.

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    In general, I'm against more or less all religious affiliations. I value evidence in virtually aspect of my life to such a degree that I need to find sources that confirm any scientific advancement before I'll readily accept it. Every religion or spiritual claim I know of fails to stand up to basic scientific inquiry, and as such I cannot accept them.

    I despise the notion of people calling their children Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Sikh, Jain or any other religion. Children, especially young children, have no notion of "god" or the afterlife. Children have no solid understanding of the scientific method of understanding the universe, and so will believe anything their parents or virtually any other adult tells them without question.

    This is why it's so easy to convince kids that Santa Claus is real, that the tooth fairy will leave a quarter under their pillow if they put a tooth under it, that the Easter bunny will hide eggs around the garden on Easter morning, that thunder is angels bowling, that tornadoes and hurricanes are divine judgement instead of natural phenomena, understood by Meteorologists. Religion, in short, teaches people to be content with not understanding the world around them, and this is why it is so dangerous.

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    To be honest (as a religious person) I don't mind religions. However I do not approve of religious fundamentalism, or when any religious law becomes law of a land and I do not approve when religion is exploited or used as an excuse to wage wars or killings. Basically as long as no one is being ruled over by a religion and no one is being killed because of religious differences I'm okay with religions. I believe it's fine for people to express their faith as long as it's not forced, inflamatory, or of any likeness of the listed. Basically it's ok to express it, do it peacefully, just don't be an annoying person about it because we all have our different faith systems.

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