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    Default Another Youtube Thread

    Here's a thread to post entertaining, funny, or interesting videos you find on Youtube.

    I know there have been many of these kinds of threads in the past, but currently none of them are alive so I thought I'd make a new one !

    I found this skit today surfing around and thought it was funny enough to share, but I couldn't think of a thread I could've posted it in ! So here you go...

    Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter) - YouTube

    *double post*

    Really ? Out of the thousands of people on Adisc, not even one other person has a funny or interesting Youtube vid ?

    beavis and butthead diss steve-o (rare new) - YouTube
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    Anything from vsauce . (: Vsauce - YouTube

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    I love Wreckless Eating, an interesting group of friends who do all sorts of things including challenges, food reviews and other crazy stuff. Some of their videos do have vomiting in it but they are clearly labeled in case you are squicky towards that thing.

    WrecklessEating's channel - YouTube

    Cult Moo is of a similar nature but is a bit more reserved, despite having food and alcohol reviews. They sometimes do challenges with Wreckless Eating and anything with vomit is far and few between.

    Cult Moo - YouTube

    Nader is a member of Wreckless Eating but he is also a competitive eater and shows off videos eating X amount or Y that. This guy definitely knows how to clear a plate!

    Freak Eating - YouTube

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