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Thread: So about Baby Formula

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    Default So about Baby Formula

    I've wanted to try baby formula but am afraid I won't like it. How would I go around trying it out? Just running to the store and buying some or is there a way I can get a sample. What does it taste like anyway?

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    watch out for any that have a crapload of flouride in it..... its a neurotoxin. no clue why its allowed to be put in our water and other stuffs.

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    get the ones that are for the older kids, around 1-3 years, they taste much better than the younger age ones, if you like it or not is up to you, you'll have to get a large tin, so depends how you feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottibear View Post
    watch out for any that have a crapload of flouride in it..... its a neurotoxin. no clue why its allowed to be put in our water and other stuffs.
    Although I know practically nothing about baby formula, I know my neurotoxins

    Fluoride is indeed quite poisonous. It is commonly known as an effective way to ensure a healthy teeth hygiene. Yes, just about all experts on teeth strongly encourage filling your mouth with a solution containing concentrations of a lethal neurotoxin (not just neurotoxins in general, though). Fluoride occurs naturally in most kinds of water, just in fairly small concentrations. Our bodies can handle that. They are meant to handle that. The problem occurs when the concentrations get bigger. Actually, the application of fluoride for mouth hygiene was first thought of after a certain village was discovered to have a great concentration of fluoride in their water supplies. All the villagers died at a young age, but they did so with very clean (though spotted) teeth. Now, if you excuse my rambling, let me get to the point: Since then, other, less lethal forms of fluoride solutions have been developed. Those, and those exclusively, are added in groceries when they say it contains fluoride (note: I only know European laws with regards to authorization of additives, but I assume even the nonsense US laws are sensible when it comes to this). Fluoride shouldn't be too much of a problem if the product is legal.

    On a side note: am I the only one to find it kind of ironic that the two most popular chemicals used for dental health, alcohol and fluoride, are both at heart dangerous neurotoxins that humans are not at all imune to?
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    to me it tasted like a weird protein shake. you can find it sold in multi serving bottles so you dont have to buy the mix which is expensive.
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    Be aware that some of them also contains too much of certain things that could be especially dangerous with the iron amount found in some of theses formulas, they are perfect for a growing baby but could kill you seriously, be very careful about what you buy and what you drink.

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    I tried it for awhile, but I noticed two things... One, after awhile, I couldn't go to sleep without a bottle of it (hard on thteeth) and it gave me the runs. Your mileage may vary, but you might just like it...Peace

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    I've tasted quite a few. The best and easiest to digest, atleast for me, was similac advanced (the blue one). It tasted like soy milk. Gerber goodstart was the worst tasting one. Enfamil tasted like soy milk and chalk. I tried the pre-made bottles, not the powder. I just bought them from the supermarket. Hope this helps.

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    Tried formula - awful. I wonder how babies cope with the stuff, but guess they have underdeveloped taste buds and have no say in the matter anyway.

    Sure I tried ones for older, but maybe not old enough. Had all that iron stuff in it which I think was what I tasted.

    Just stuff cows milk in a baby/toddler bottle, warm slightly in the microwave and enjoy.

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