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    Default Abena X Plus

    Just wanted to ask how good the Abena X Plus diapers were? Heard their big, thick, and give you a lot of room to handle business in. Any body tried them?

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    yup i've been using them for quite a few years there one of the best diapers on the market.
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    XP Medical sells sample packs of them if you were interested in trying them. That way you don't have to buy a whole pack or case and end up stuck with diapers you may not like.

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    I agree that Abena X-Plus is one of the very best heavy-duty diapers on the market. I have heavy urge incontinence and wear them 24/7.

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    Of all the types I've tried (Attends, Tender, Tena, Senset, Mollicare, Cuddlz/Bambino), the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form range are best.

    The M4s are quite thick and the padding goes into the wings at the front, so they're good for overnight use. The M3s are a bit thinner (but still a lot more absorbent than most other diapers) and the padding isn't as wide at the front, so they're easier to walk in during the day.

    They fit very well, don't tend to leak unexpectedly, come up a little higher on the waist than most, are very comfortable, and the tapes stay in place. Pretty much top marks...

    Abena were supposedly going to discontinue this range, but my local supplier still has some a couple of months after they said that they were expecting to have sold the last pack... I was actually pretty depressed when I found out, so I hope Abena have changed their mind...

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    The plastic backed ones (which are still available in the UK) are exceptionally good. I'd wear them all the time if I could afford them. I tend to keep a pack in stock at home and use them mainly if I'm going to be out all day with limited opportunities to change.

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    Sadly the X-Pluses are discontinued, replaced by the 4 series as in M-4 that are still about the best diaper for the dollar around but no where as good as the X-Plus line.

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    I wonder If i would have to pay taxes if i ordered from Magic Medical cause they are only a few miles from me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodstron View Post
    I thought the X-Plus are the same as the 4 series
    NO! Like most "new and improved" their not nearly as good. If were lucky they will release "classic" X-Plus.
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