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Thread: Birthday ideas?

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    Question Birthday ideas?

    Well my birthday is coming up and well most everyone forgets it. My question is there any idea on how I can at least feel like the day was special?
    What's a good baby gift to get myself?

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    If it wasn't for facebook birthday reminders, aside from family... maybe 1-2 people (out of about 80 people on my list) will actually remember it and wished me a happy birthday. It seem when we get older, it seem less significant and exciting except the milestone ones (25th, 30th, 50th etc). I already got used of this and I turned 29 last week. It wasn't that exciting really, I guess. As much as I dread to turn big 30 next year, I want to do something big, exciting and fun birthday... something that hasn't done for a decade or so.

    Anyway back on topic, to make a day special is... spend time with friends and go out to do something fun or birthday dinner? For baby gift to yourself... I would suggest new pacifier or something cute like plushie that you can cuddle with or one of those precious moments figurines? I have couple of those and they are cute!

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    What to get surely depends on your budget, how much do you want to spend?

    But I do agree with Lily, as you get older the less they really matter. But that doesn't mean you can't make it a bit special!

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    I got $100 to spend. I have a belief that birthdays are a special time for people. I guess that's why I get hurt when nothing happens on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    Well my birthday is coming up and well most everyone forgets it. My question is there any idea on how I can at least feel like the day was special?
    What's a good baby gift to get myself?
    First off, happy birthday babygohan! Are you going to throw a party? I bet if you planned an event and distributed invitations, people would come and chill. I turn 21 in a couple months, and I'm planning an event for a beer hall. I'm so excited for it.

    Anyway, if you have a budget of $100, I recommend getting some AB gear and some quality diapers. What about a top quality onesie from Cosy N Dry, or a sleeper from Jumpin Jammerz? Ebay has nice AB clothing from time to time, and it usually runs between $30-50. For diapers, get Bambino Bellisimos. They're expensive, but well worth it. If you have any money left over, FetWare sells Nuk 5's for under $20.

    Those should make for a really cubby birthday.

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    I found the perfect plushie it fits my otaku room without giving away anything. I'm looking into the sleeper or onesie, but I dont get the sizes. The bellsimos are sold out currently and I don't think they would fit me anyways. I would like some bambinos but my waist is about 29-30 with little to no hips, so any ideas for a close 2nd.

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    I have a cute crib mobile that I put on the backboard to my bed makes me fell like a baby for suere happy bday by the way baby gohan XD go to babies r us/toys r us there is a plushie/electronic toy that I so want to get it grows with the baby it will teach the baby colors shapes numbers your name the age and it's only 20 dollars or less at some places theres one for boys and one for girls I forgot the name might want to go for that

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    First I would like to say Happy Birthday, and that I always thought birthdays were special and also that they have tended to be the most upsetting days of my life. Not just for disapointment reasons because I do set the bar high, but bad things have tended to happen on my birthdays.

    The most eventful birthday I ever had was when I turned 17 and my grampa took me to a dinosaur museum. It made me feel like I was 8 (my little age), it was time spent with family, and I was able to get away from all the worries and troubles of my life for a few hours. I didn't get anything special or do anything life changing, it was just simple and enjoyable.

    I recomend keeping it simple and not setting expectations too high. I would just try to go out with friends or family (or even by yourself) and have fun. Doesn't have to be a major activity, just see a movie, have dinner, or something random that you enjoy. Maybe sushi and karaoke or buble tea and a new anime or manga (don't know much about otaku, hope that wasn't offensive)?

    Best of luck, and I hope things work out well. Happy Birthday.

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    It wasn't offensive for lacking the proper exp of being friends with an otaku. Even my own RL friends still don't really get it. I did get some new manga though lol.

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