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Thread: Adult-sized Ride-on toys

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    Default Adult-sized Ride-on toys

    Hey there

    Well, I have been doing some research lately, and it's mainly beo hcause I have always wanted an adult-sized tricycle or a big-wheel. Interestingly enough, I have found both of these things lately! They tend to be on the pricey side, and one thing I never seem to have enough of is money. However, I do have a nice welding machine and enough skill to make good, strong, safe welds. I am pretty convinced that I can build one, maybe even several of these at a much less cost-prohibitive price tag, than I could possibly purchase one for. My question is, would anyone be interested in this sort of thing? I have to believe that the people who developed these things ("drift trikes" and the like, which are identical to big-wheels, as well as companies like and the folks who build them) must either be ABs, ab-aware, or just plain big kids. My intentions are pretty much transparent. I just want a damn big-wheel. I did see one really well-executed radio-flyer tricycle replica (adult-sized), but I just think that having one would be cool. I wouldn't even be afraid to ride it in public. It is one of those things that would either make you the coolest dude on the block or the biggest dork, as I heard it put. I would be willing to take my chances on that!! What do others think about that sort of thing?

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    I'd need a much bigger and more open spaced house for this sort of thing, but I've always wanted one of those baby walker things but in an adult size.

    Unfortunately, even if they did exist, they would probably try to make it as "adult oriented" and "handicapped" looking as possible. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I would definitely want one that's a replica of a baby one. Preferably purple! :P

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    I think it's awesome! But realistically, where and when would anyone find the space or time to use it?

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    Doesn't look like it would be that hard to hack up an existing bicycle into one (just a bit time consuming which is probably accounts for the price).

    These were a little late for me as a kid (nor did I have access to one). What I did play with was a younger kid's Krazy Kar which is a round platform with two large hand cranked wheels (and a caster for a third point of support). You could go forward, reverse or spin around...

    There is a bike hacker's forum here: Garage Hacker's General Discussion

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    The highroller one is awesome, I could see me riding that.

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    I did a double take when I first read the topic heading :P .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siddy View Post

    The highroller one is awesome, I could see me riding that.
    Ditto, they look amazing! Hell, I'm sure that even my non ab friends would get a kick out of this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by agent View Post
    I did a double take when I first read the topic heading :P .
    Lol, nasty mind.

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    Well, in all honesty, I tried to choose my topic statement carefully. Hard to do and not put my foot in my mouth. But it seems that the folks that have built these things successfully have done more than cannibalize bicycles. Looks like some of them have actually gone through the expense to source original parts and have the frames built. Now, my prototype that I am about to start building (hopefully soon) will have some parts from a bmx that had a date with my cutting torch and grinder, like the headtube (steering part). The rest of the frame will come from new stock (I have things like a chop-saw, but should be getting a pipe bender soon) that is virgin steel, not part of anything else. I currently have some drafting vellum and am trying to work out the practical stuff. As to the adult walker, I think it could be do-able. I have often thought about using my welding and fabrication talents to try to do things like strollers, but where the hell would it be a practical thing to use it??? The walker would be possible, just plain big though. What other ideas would folks want? Maybe I could do it? I dunno...Back to the drawing board!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J450N View Post
    I think it's awesome! But realistically, where and when would anyone find the space or time to use it?
    That, I would think, would be a matter of imagination. THere is a company called that has some really nice ones, and they seem to think they are practical transportation. I think, at least for short runs where you might ride a bicycle, it could very well be practical... I think, for lack of better terms, it depends on how big your balls are. I wouldn't ride one in my neighborhood, since my neighbors think I'm weird already, but I would totally ride on through the neighborhood where I work, a very eclectic part of a large city, and think that not only would it be a head-turner, it would be considered eco-friendly and pretty hip. I mean, I wouldn't ride one down a country lane out in the middle of rednecksville for fear of being shot or beat up for a freak, but I could get away with it here.

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    No, I prefer stuffed animals and other toys, but of tricycle I've never liked because I have no space to run it.

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    Lol, nasty mind.
    I wouldn't have used the word nasty... but a little dirty, yes .

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