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Thread: Taking Out The Trash

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    Default Taking Out The Trash

    So basically the other day I was taking out the trash bag. There were about 6 used (wet only) nappies in there along with other normal everyday trash.

    I live alone and this is the first time I have thrown nappies away with my other trash (would normally dispose of them secretly one at a time).

    I couldn't believe how heavy the trash bag was compared to normal when there aren't any nappies in there. I mean it was a good weight and at one point I thought the plastic bag might have torn (not the cheap trash bags either).

    I was just wondering if anyone else had found this? Or do I just have freakishly heavy wee? XD

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    Your not alone in having heavy wet diapers. When I take off my over night wet diaper it's also heavy when I put it in the trash. I think my

    pee volume overnight and first thing in morning is more than rest of day. I will have at least 4 wettings in it. I don't poop in mine;just use

    potty for poop. I sometimes use two during the day. My trash bag is pretty heavy though everyday.

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    A gallon of water weighs about 7 pounds and that's what urine mostly is. So even if you pee about maybe 15 oz into a diaper it's still going to weigh a bit, especially if it's already like 1/4th or 1/2th as a fresh diaper such as bambino's.

    times this by 6 and yeah, it's going to be heavy.

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    Default Re: Taking Out The Trash

    yes but it kind of fun to throw away some wet diapers and feel how heavy it is.

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    Yah we go over our weight limit of 100 pounds every week because of the diapers. Only cost $5 extra tho so its not a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    Yah we go over our weight limit of 100 pounds every week because of the diapers. Only cost $5 extra tho so its not a big deal.
    do they wight the trash?
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    Yes, if it feels heavy, they get out a scale and check to see if it went over the 100LBs

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    Yep, can always tell when I have wet diapers in the garbage, and normally it's 10+. Diffidently heavier than a normal garbage.

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    This is something I noticed when I started wearing 24/7. It makes sense as liquid is heavy and you've got all the regular rubbish in there too. I find using garden refuse sacks instead of standard bin liners helps. They're a lot strong and have better handles at the top which makes them much easier to carry.

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