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Thread: Cute Bras?

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    Default Cute Bras?

    So...I'm kinda overweight and looking to get a bra in my size, preferably one that's cute and girly as opposed to sensual and all "victoriah's secret" like. I don't know much about bras as I'm kinda just starting to wear them (hooray, estrogen has finally given me boobies! :P )

    I'm a 42B and I'm looking for Bras that might have disney characters, tinkerbell, winnie the pooh, hello kitty, butterflies, etc etc. And if the bra happens to be any shade of purple, even better as purple is mah favorite color.

    Anyone know any sites to buy cute bras? I can prolly get away with 40-B but I doubt I could go much lower than that, so anything that sports a 40-42 b-cup would be much appreciated.

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    Not aware of any sites specifically. However I am wondering how you got into estrogen? did you go to a doctor or online?

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    Oh, there's this psychiatry clinic a 40 minute drive from here that has an on staff psychologist and psychiatrist catering specifically to transgenders, and thankfully it accepts medicaid.

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    Ahhh, I would call myself transgendered however would never speak openly to anyone.. So was hoping you had tried online, unsure whether to bite the bullet and order it though

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    Never try it online!!! You don't know what you're getting and how it'll affect you.

    You should really talk to a professional about it if you wanna start estrogen, and considering your age I HIGHLY recommend doing it sooner than later. I know it can be hard to talk about it with people but if you can find a specialist in your area, they can really help you out.

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    That's the main reason for not doing it. 2 years ago my mum found out about my AB/DL side and completely flipped.
    Over the years she has also found feminine clothing stashed in my drawers and after months of ignoring it she allowed me to keep it in a box in my room. I feel if I mentioned this to her it would be unsettling and damaging to her and our relationship. Which crumbled before when she had found out about the AB/DL side

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    This definitely isn't healthy for you though. While I'm not trying to say that you shouldn't try and keep the relationship going with your mother, as I often wish I could do the same with mine, I do think at a certain point you need to confront her and ask her for help in this. Otherwise, you're denying who you are and that's going to lead to a cavalcade of problems in your adulthood.

    Back on topic, I found an okayish looking bra and decided to buy it, hopefully it -
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Fortunately for me I will be soon 18 and free'r in a sense to do what I like. Although I wish I was born a girl and could change right now I realise this isn't possible and to change now/share my feelings would make things worse than they are, friends would turn the'r backs etc.

    Very nice, Do you require extra padding or do you fill the bra out?

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    I have no idea. I've never worn a bra :P

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    I would think your best bet would be to go on Ebay. I just did a quick look on there and looks like there are some you might like but as for any with cartoons on them you may be out of luck unless you sew patches on them.

    Most likely print you are going to get are flowers or butterfly i think from what i see

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