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    So I dont know if I am serious about this, but it is definitely on my mind, maybe Im just in a huge Binge right now, but Im thinking of making the switch to wearing goodnites all day instead of wearing boxers, for me, this means in public? Will people find out? Is it obvious? I guess I am just looking for confidence, I am away from home right now since I am in college, any words of encouragment would be helpful

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    As long as you're not stripping in front of others, it shouldn't be too obvious. Also, if you wear baggy clothing, I'd suggest wearing boxers over them to mask their notability.

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    See here is the thing, Ive worn boxers over them before, its what I usually do, I kinda want to take the step and not use the boxers

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    I've worn Abena X-plus's in public many, many times and no one noticed. Goodnights shouldn't be a problem at all.

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    even with no underwear? And I would like to do it a lot more than before, like I might switch it to my permanant underwear, although I am in huge binge right now so I could just be talkin....

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    Well, I wear a diaper cover over it because I don't like the feel of plastic on my skin (my skin is super sensitive), but yeah, otherwise no underwear really.

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