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Thread: Most absorbent store bought diapers?

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    Default Most absorbent store bought diapers?

    So I am running out of diapers, which I need due to IC. I have some abenas being shipped, but they aren't supposed to get here until Tuesday. Im considering running out to walmart or walgreens and picking up some depends or store-brand to use over the weekend.

    I haven't purchased or worn diapers from a store in years, so I'm not exactly sure what to expect in terms of absorbency and leaking. What would be the most absorbent/least likely to leak? Any other help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I would suggest getting some tenas and they are the only adult diaper Ive tried but if u you find a better one then go for it

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    I'm not exactly sure where you live, but most store diapers are all the same. They hold the same just about and they are not any better from years ago, they've only gotten thinner and cheaper and decided to put a cloth like backing on it and call it better lol.

    If you can find Tena in your area then go for them, otherwise its gonna be about 6 diapers a day.

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    I know the Walgreens/CVS Briefs (the kind with the tapes, not pullups) are pretty good, and don't leak much at all. I usually use two and just cut some slits in the cloth backing on the first pair, and they are pretty much as absorbent as most of the premium diapers I have used, and the tapes are refastenable, which is nice for getting a nice tight fit. They are identical no matter which store you get them from and they are much better than depends, in my opinion.

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    I'd get some kind of stuffer as well, like a max Poise pad, or baby diaper. Just put a bunch of pinholes in them, or a slit.

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    i would go to a medical supply store and buy upscale diapers i ussually buy tranquility or molicare

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    I always keep some Tena Super Briefs around, if I by chance forget to buy more. They're not as absorbent as Molicare Super Plus, but they get the job done. They are the only ones I wear anymore, and to get them in person I have to go 130 miles into Florida. Yep, lotta fun. But I think they're worth it, being incontinent both ways. Sorry, I soud like an advertisement.

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    Store brand diapers are all nearly identical (walmart, cvs, and walgreens anyways) which are about the same absorbancy as depends. Their adult briefs are actually pretty good if they only need to last a few days, but I would double them at night and change them frequently during the day. Don't even bother with pull ups of any kind - they are not worth it. I actually recommend that you call around to medical supply stores and see if any of them have some descent diapers. I have bought from a medical supply store and told them they were just to last till our insurance sent more (fake story about buying for my grandmother- yeah yeah, false witness bla bla bla) which they said was a common practice. Store brands are not that bad, and will get you through a few days if you need them too, but it would still be worth finding some descent diapers at a medical supply store in my opinion. Good luck.

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    I would definitely recommend the Walgreens certainty fitted briefs if you are going that route. In the store bought that is all i have really tried but i have heard many positive reviews about them and most people tend to agree. Also if you are looking, some walgreens carry Tranquility brand. If you find those, they are easily your best bet.

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    I would say the Depends with tabs. Those are the best store bought ones I've gotten and they're plastic backed so they're super nice! But careful though, they get really hot...or that might be just me :P

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