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Thread: Infant Print vs. Toddler Cartoons and Larger Designs.

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    Default Infant Print vs. Toddler Cartoons and Larger Designs.

    I know most people prefer being a toddler or younger kid compared to being a newborn/infant, but what about in clothing? I could be wrong on this, but Iíve noticed for Toddlers, they have much bigger and colorful designs in their clothing versus the very small print, usually over plain white material which is found in most newborn/infant clothing.

    Which do you all prefer?

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    I really like the solid color with cartoons or bright colors clothing, one of my Favorited onesies is just a bright blue, red and yellow stripes. They really make you feel the moment you put it on that you could play all day in them.

    Infants ones are also cute they just have more of a calming affect on me. And i don't want to be calm! D:< Unless it bed time....

    So when i try to get AB clothing I try to get the Bright color ones first.

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    That’s an interesting thought Siddy, as I’ve never thought about the patterns as being a contributor to the changes in mood. I’m more of a newborn/infant myself, so I guess in some way, it makes sense to have a calming effect, because I see myself more as a lover of affectionate maternal attention and a total cuddle bug I think I’m going to pick up some solid and very bright colors to see how they look and possibly make me feel.

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    I definitely prefer the styles of toddlers and older kids. Baby stuff is so bland and pastel, whereas kid stuff is fun, colorful, character themed, and playful. That is not to say that kid stuff can't be simple and cozy, but a lot more is going on with kid stuff than baby stuff, this is also true of the lives of kids vs babies which is why toddlerdom and childhood are a lot more fun than babyhood in my opinion. I would much rather have an adult replica of a huggies pull up than of an all white baby diaper with a character themes tape strip.

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    I'm actually waiting for bambino or abu to come out with a adult pullup with cute designs (maybe even disappearing characters ) I know I would deffinetly love that.
    But anyways, back on topic, I prefer character designs or a lot of colors on my little clothes, like a onsie with lightning mcqueen on it, or a really colorful sleeper.

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    Maybe a deviation from the OP, but whilst I like being little, I would still rather wear clothes that I would happily wear the grown-up versions of. If only them big enough for me!

    par exemple: Gothic Clothing and Gothic Fashion, Men

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    I prefer the baby stuff because it usually only comes in plain, pastel colours and that is what I prefer for some reason. I look at toddler print clothes and I just hate them, the colours are too bright and I always think the prints just look crap. Most of my t-shirts are pastel coloured anyway so that would explain why I want the same in AB clothes.

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