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Thread: What was your first Internet experience?

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    Question What was your first Internet experience?

    I forget why I did, but I could remember looking up ďadults dressed as babiesĒ back in 1997 and the only thing I found was Halloween costumes. A further, more in depth search brought me to my first ever AB/DL websites. The first being and the other being DPF (nether one is around anymore so donít bother looking). Anyway, had tons of pictures of guys dressed in baby gear that I didnít even know you could get in adult sizes and that honestly blew my mind. DPF was a community that not only catered to AB/DLs, but also doubles as an online shop that sold anything from clothing to related videos. The rest from then on, is pretty much history, but I will say, out of all the communities Iíve ever seen, ADISC has them whooped for sure lol.

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    The first time I used the world wide web was in 1994, i was in first grade, I remember looking at stamps, because I collected stapes back then. The first time I had my own internet connection in my own room was 2000, I was 12, I remember looking up diaper pictures and saving the files to 5.25" floppys.
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    By the time I got into this little hobby I was already fairly comfortable with the internet.

    I mainly got into this stuff as an offshoot from the whole BDSM scene .. so most my early "omg the internet has porn?" memories revolve around that stuff.

    Non-fetish wise I was (and am still to a less extreme degree) a pretty hard core computer geek. I went through an embarassing-ish script kiddie phase (not as bad as it can be.. but still not something I like to admit), then kinda got a little more serious into infosec ... at one point considering it as a career.. then kinda lost all interest in it and mainly focused on the programming side of things (which I had been into in parallel).

    I was at one point fairly involved in open source (won't list the projects as it could out me..) and that was probably a big part of the time I spent online for several years.. but have cut back heavily on that (doing the same thing for a hobby and for a living is a good way to burn out on one or the other..).

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    My first internet experience was probably around 2003 or so, shortly after my family got a decent internet connection. I was similar to others in the sense that I typed in something like "Adult babies" or some other search terms like that. I was amazed with what I found. It got to the point where every moment I spent on the computer was spent looking at this stuff and discovering more.

    It was pretty fascinating back then, now most kids can just find out by watching tv or talking to their friends...


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    I would say that the Internet was most definitely the best thing that happened to adult babies and diaper lovers alike. I know we existed long before the popularization of the Internet, but I just couldn’t imagine what it would be like, to have these “feelings” and not be able to ether express them or talk to anyone about them. No disrespect to those that go back that far; I’m just talking in a general sense.

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    I was about 14 and I typed in something along the lines of "Put back in diapers" or something and I came across a bunch of fap stories about how people's moms put them in diapers and other bullshit. Then I came across forums like this one and the rest is history! ^^

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    Mid 90s I found the wetville fourm a BBS (all text) message board. Great people, no creepyness good advice, sadly long gone. Soon after DPF, I bought my first adult cloth diapers from them and still have them, well made!

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    I first found out about infantilism/ABDL when it was mentioned in the wikipedia article about diapers. I googled infantilism, and I found Bittergrey's site ( and another, dodgy site that fortunately no longer exists.

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    Hmm I think my first internet experience is on 2007. When I have task from school that I have to used Internet. And since we don't have Internet connections back then. I'm borrowing computer in my mom office. And strangely when I first used internet the only site I know is Google and then I typed something like "Adult Wearing Diaper" and of course first thing that came up is Porn. And I haven't know there are TB/DL forum or community until 2009. And then I joined ADISC in 2010.

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    Yuck Dialup. I think around 1990s. Unsure what year. DPF was one of the better sites untel tom got sick or somethink like that and tried selling the site.

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