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Thread: alcohol and diapers advice

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    Hi Yh so tomorrow night I'll be going out with a big group and I'm sure alcohol will be consumed by the mass lol, so when I get home I plan on diapering up so no accidents happen as I'm home alone,

    I just wondered if anyone had any tips from your past experiences any help will be grateful thanks

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    I find that if I drink very much I'd rather not be diapered. It's fun at first to wet and wet and wet.... then the diaper gets full and you have to keep changing... and the more i have to drink the less I want to mess around with changing my diaper. And if you're out in public and it leaks you may really have a problem.

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    Ohh no It's just for when I get home, I've had problems before in public so no I won't be doing that again lol.

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    Even at home, unless you REALLY like changing I wouldn't.

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    Back when I was going to bars I was wearing pads. They would catch a little pee before I got to the little boy's room to go. That happened to

    me a lot. When I walked home afterwards I would usally flood it and would leak all over the front of my jeans.

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    I nearly always flood more than once if I've had a few beers. I make sure to change just before I set off for home and I usually need to change again when I get home. I've worked out that I need one fresh nappy for every 2 pints of beer.

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    I did this last night, I almost wore a nappy in the pub (did for the first 2 pints)
    Then I realised I had to sing and play guitar which means getting really drunk so I went home and put on regular underwear.
    needless to say I cant remember anything and I woke up soaking in a nappy.

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    I bet you love them Hangovers. I do not miss them one Bit.

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    Well I'll let you know how I get on, I've never woken up wet before let alone wore to bed all night alonen

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