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    I woke up today not feeling well. I have chills and am freezing. I am sure it doesn’t help that my diaper is wet. But I just don’t have any energy to undo the covers I’m bundled in and change, so I lay here for the moment with tears running down my face, my thumb in my mouth, and my body shivering. It’s times like these when I wish I had someone by my side. When I get sick I uncontrollably go into "little" mode and can’t snap out of it. Hopefully in a little bit I can gain some strength to get changed and put on a footed sleeper then go back to bed.

    I hope I’m not sick because of the diet I started last week. I wanted to loose some weight. I’ve been eating under 200 calories a day, which for those of you who count calories know is basically nothing. Hopefully I feel better soon.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I managed to get a new diapie on and in my sleeper. Too bad I don't feel weel, looking out the window it's a beautiful day (as usual in TX). But I think me and my teddy bear are going to take a nap for a while. I'm still cold, weak, sad, and alone.
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    First of all - .

    It sucks to be all alone when you're ill but you'll need to try to not let it get you down. Just concentrate on getting better as soon as you can. Most things pass pretty quickly and if nothing else you've got plushies to snuggle up to to help you get through it.

    That being said you're not totally alone - thanks to the marvels of technology you're connected to billions of other people, including the adisc community - most of whom will be wishing you well and sending you e-hugs when they see this thread.

    Get well soon

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    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Eat lots of soup, drink lots of tea and get well soon!

    I'll admit I'm no diet expert, but a 200 calorie a day diet sounds kinda dangerous. I don't know if it could've actually made you sick, but eating that little definitely isn't going to help you get better. You should really lay off while, if not drop it all together. There are healthier ways to lose weight.

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    I agree with volare. You need to stop this diet, your body needs the energy and nutrients that food provides to get better, especially some orange juice! as for the 200 calorie diet, it may not of caused it but it is a massive jump of intake that your body is not used to and is not good for you which will weaken your immune system and harder on your body dealing with the heat. if you want to lose some weight yes cut down on calorie intake but reasonable amounts, your body will adjust stomach gets smaller and you get full quicker (or just eat slower) and eat healthier exercise blaa blaa blaa you know the deal, but you got to have a diet you can live with not just do for 2-4months then go back to eating like you were.

    Ilikecars, just remember your not alone. im sure the people who created this website had the intention of making this so others dont feel alone or alienated, may it be being a AB or just feeling down like your are now. There are plenty of people that are here for you on this websitem i hope you have family that lives near you that can be there for you so you dont feel so alone.

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    Wow, 200 calories a day is incredibly unhealthy. I think the average intake for an adult male is between 1700 and 2000 calories a day, which is about 10 times as much as your are getting. Also, you probably won't lose a lot of weight like this anyway. Your body is now in a mode where it thinks that it is starving, as such it will start storing more calories as fat, and won't be able to function properly.

    If you want to lose weight, drink water instead of soda, eat fruit instead of cheeseburgers, walk instead of driving/taking the bus. A crash diet will make you feel terrible and won't really accomplish anything. If you continue that diet longterm, you'll even lose muscle mass and get sick more frequently.


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    I hope you get better soon! stay in bed and rest so you can feel better!

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    The 200 calorie diet is definitely causing this! Please listen to me - this is not healthy! Our bodies need much much more than 200 calories a day. You may get skinny but your body will be receiving nothing that it needs which will very quickly lead to some pretty bad diseases. Take it from me, if you want to lose weight then alter your diet to something healthier, kick out the unhealthy carbs and do some exercise! It's dedication that will get you a healthy body not starving!

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    Thanks for the hugs and advice. I had some soup today and am feeling a little better. I do exercise (not today) I will add some more to what I am eating, and continue to eat healthy. I do think it was more of a random flu type something that I caught, as it seems to be getting better. But I do take the diet advice seriously, thanks.

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    As for exercising and dieting they go hand in hand. You need to eat more than just 200 calories especially with exercising. At the Gym I usually burn 500-800 Calories. I'd say try to go no more than 1,500 calories.

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    Get yourself a very good diet book, one that has balanced diets. Losing weight is a science, and Ronbeast is absolutely correct. Your body will start to injest your own muscle mass. That's what happens to anorexics. Easting the soup was probably a good idea. Chicken soup is very good when you're sick. The chicken fat is good for you, and of course it has a lot of salt, which allows your body to retain some liquids.

    I hate it when I'm sick, and even with my wife at home, I often feel miserable. I hope you're feeling better. Get some more nutrients into your system and you'll feel a lot better.

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