I don't post often but I thought this was worth sharing.
I moved house last weekend, on the build up I ordered like 630 nappies/diapers.
Only half arrived. The half that arrived was left with my neighbour who was told by the delivery gut what they were which was soooo embarrassing. I made a lie as if they were for someone else, dont think they believed me (there were six boxes with 21 packs of abri-form ).
Anyway I managed to get them home and then had to move the next day. I had to retape the boxes to look like they were packed with something else and also tape over the handles.
I got my brother to help, I was lucky and he didn't find out. I had to chase up the other half of the order, I have been lucky and they are going to resend to my new address instead. Then yesterday I almost got caught in my own home. I live alone but my brother arrived to deliver a dining table, I was lucky I had locked the front door from inside, It scared the S out of me.
Anyway, seeing as I have so many nappies/diapers now, I decided to wear the Abri-form premium air things during the day, work, shops pub...etc (cloth backed x-plus) and the standard plastic back version (x-Plus) at home and to bed.
I had my first ever change at work which was nerve racking but it went well after soaking the first with two pints of cider (hard cider in the states) at lunch time. (I always have a drink at lunchtime to get through the day).

Anyway that's my story, the other half gets delivered tomorrow (lille supremes x320)