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Thread: Desperation?

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    Default Desperation?

    Anyone else into desperation play (holding your bladder/bowels until you can't anymore)? My bf and I have been doing it lately as part of our diaper play and I'm finding that I really like it. Just wondering if anyone else has done it or enjoys it.

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    Me!!! That euphoric rush when the seal bursts is amazing. Do it sparingly though, this can cause damage.

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    Me too, and I read an article about it not too long ago. The theory is that when we were little, we often held it beyond where we should have, and sometimes that led to wet pants/underwear. There's a certain amount of shame associated with it, or punishment when our mother got mad at us. There's a whole psychological back story associated with it, which is why I find it enjoyable.

    Sometimes I'll go to bed/sleep needing to go, with the hope that I'll go in my sleep. On a few occasions I have. Other times I will wake up in the middle of the night, and I'll just let go. It's a wonderful feeling.

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    I used to do this way too much, I thought I was going to hurt myself. I had to stop.

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    I've never done it to the point where I have an accident. I always just end up letting go when the need starts to get bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEmeraldDream View Post
    I've never done it to the point where I have an accident. I always just end up letting go when the need starts to get bad.
    It's extremely exhilarating, especially in public (like a parking lot at night after barely escaping the checkout line, nothing too public, or an alley behind a bar) But if you goto the point where you have no control it's amazing. I just was doing it too much and was hurting myself. It can get addicting. At least to me. I even got my non AB/DL friends to try it at bars a few times, unknowing I was AB/DL

    --- Updated ---

    I guess for me the whole point was to have a real accident

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    Back when I wore diapers frequently, I would try this occasionally. I never got to the breaking point, however, because I had to indulge myself around other people's schedules, particularly my girlfriend's, and my bladder control is, shall we say, exceptionally strong? Even with drinking an inordinate amount of fluids, I discovered I can hold my bladder for 16+ hours.

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    Some desperation is fun, I find, and I like to prepare for a wetting session by drinking quite a lot from the day before. I don't let things get too uncomfortable, though, and let some out from time to time into the toilet just to be at ease. Finally, I drink quite a lot, pad up then, if possible, go to bed and just let it happen. That edging to the point of a first few squirts of pee in my pants or diaper can be as good as an orgasm when I feel that hot liquid spurting around the erogenous zones. I have no wish to let fly in public, and would get no thrill whatever from such an embarrassment.
    Any posting of this kind I fear must carry a health warning. Damage is so easily done that I never want to let things go too far. Just enough to make things a little more special than a routine toilet visit!!

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    I tried to do this while driving diapered and couldn't until I stood up. Then it all came at once. I was almost in pain.

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    This always felt so good. But never in front of people. The need to feel like you had a legitimate accident, is the same as the need to feel genuinely helpless. The odd paradox is that if you engineer an accident, it's not an accident. But I won't complain, I love it.

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