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    Default social stats

    This is just like the self esteam one only its your social stats. Use a precent from 1 to 100. For me its 63% becuse more people like me than hate me. And i do realy well outside of school too.

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    Of the people that know me, I think pretty much all of them like me, unless they're leading me on. There are only two individuals I know of that I think I've seriously burned bridges with.

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    at times, 90%

    it goes up and down pretty dramatically when i don't go outside or talk to anybody

    im a pretty good guy tho all in all

    i would do anything for my friends, and i have respect from people of all sorts

    i think im kind of a people pleaser IRL

    but it is ok.

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    95% I befriend most people I get to know, and most people respect me.

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