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    Ok, there's is lot's of thread on how to get diapers and asking how to and all that. But here is a question I've tried searching and couldn't find.

    How do you get rid of your used diapers? I need ideas because my mom searches the trash before throwing it away because one of my sisters almost threw away important documents. I can't put them in the bottom of the trash wrapped in a plastic trash bag anymore. How do you control the odor of the used diaper? How do you get rid of them? plastic bag doesn't do the job for me.

    I haven't done my introduction but this thread is not about me is about US! I'll get to it later. I'm not good with autobiography's do don't flame me please lol

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    Default So, How do you get rid...

    Quote Originally Posted by Uggu View Post
    I'm not good with autobiography's do don't flame me please lol
    If you don't know what to write look at the "cheat sheet" that's stickied at the top of the page.

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    Most of mine go in household trash but there's a limit to how much the council will take and I don't yet qualify for a bigger bin, so some of them need to be disposed of elsewhere. I usually double-bag them to disguise the contents and keep the smell in, and drop them in litterbins in the street. They are emptied frequently around here. As a last resort I'd use a dumpster behind a shop.

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    I toss them in the bathroom or kitchen trash can, if i'm in my baby room I have a diaper pale for them. If we are having a fire outside in the fire pit, I like to toss my diapers in and watch them burn.

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    I Always put them in a trashbag under my bed. Close it with a piece of iron rope. And then wait until I am home alone, which is at least a couple of times per week. Than empty the trashcan, put the bag with diapers in the container, put the other bag above it(just to be save), and then once a week a truck comes by the street and empties them all. But i don't know how these things go in the States. Here in Hollland every home has 1 or 2 containers outside which are emptied each week by a truck that automaticaly lifts them. So nobody will ever see anything.

    If you need any ideas, put them in a plastic bag, put them in your (school)bag and toss them in a dumpster on your way to school or supermarkt or something.

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    I usually wrapped my used diaper in newspaper and then put it in plastic bag and then tossed it in Trash Can in front of my house. Simple isn't it?

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    It's highly dependent on your living situation. As I live alone, bagging them up beforehand is sufficient before tossing them in the trash. In your situation, I'd suggest bagging them, putting them in your backpack, and using a street trash bin while you are out and about. This subject comes up now and again, and I generally suggest that for people who live at home just on the off chance that someone goes through the trash for some reason (my parents used to for innocent reasons from time to time). You're the first one to come along fully expecting that.

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    I just bundle mine up in a plastic bag from places like safeway, wal-mart, etc. Then just take it out with the rest of the trash.

    If you can't do that, just go for a walk or bike ride to a nearby park and throw it in a trashcan.

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    I just place my used diapers in a plastic bag, take it outside and throw it in the trash can. No one goes through them anyways, or my own trash can, so I don't exactly have a problem.

    I would also recommend taking your used diaper with you in a paper bag or plastic bag, and then disposing of it when you are outside somewhere, whether it's at the park or somewhere else.

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