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    I posted this as a reply to another post, but my question haunts me a little. Any input?
    Reply post follows:

    Interesting. When I hurt my shoulder in a car crash, my phys therapist noted I called my injury "the shoulder". Not "my shoulder". My wife, a disabled vet, calls her back injury "the back". As in, "I can't shop today, the back (or the shoulder) is really hurting.

    I wonder if we (read: I) unknowingly mentally distance ourselves from the negative, and the negative pushes back with Freudian Slips? Not that diapers are negative at all. But I wonder if my own suppressed hang ups are causing unconscious negative feedback to myself?

    Does anyone else's brain work this way?


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    I have linked this article a few times but it seems particularly applicable to those of us who view this from the sexual side. In specific reference to your question, I don't think I use that sort of phrasing with my injuries, although I've been lucky enough to never have one that's really debilitating and ongoing. I definitely considered my ABDL side as something apart from myself and repulsive in my earlier days. I was able to come to a more integrated understanding before joining here as I had a lot of pre-Internet time to work things out for myself, but it was a long and hard road.

    Even after managing that, I can see it was more self-tolerance than self-acceptance or embracing this unusual part of me. Seeing how the fringe of our community (which was more visible in the early days of the Internet) conducted itself left me gravely concerned that I might wind up the same. It took really participating in a community of people who generally valued discretion and balance in life before I could make good friends and see the positive elements in this weird urge of mine. I hope others can do so in an easier and more rapid fashion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Seeing how the fringe of our community (which was more visible in the early days of the Internet) conducted itself left me gravely concerned that I might wind up the same..
    When I first came to understand there were others and I found them on the internet, this was a huge turn-off to infantilism to me.
    Most memorable thing in my early days of discovery were finding pictures on some website then seeing someone who was some crazy, piece of shit, degenerate, who was also an ab/dl spamming these creepy comments that makes it seem so wrong to be an ab/dl. I will also note that among discovering "he who shall not be named"'s website, I was immensely creeped the hell out as well and worried if that was a fate in my future

    As far as negativity towards injury though,,,

    I have missed a few days of school (more like a job learning to be a mechanic) here and there because of "the back" Upon coming back to school stated I was out because "the back was acting up".

    Maybe we call it out as though it was and or is a separate entity from ourselves because of it being a possible "limitation" to ourselves. I feel negatively towards it as that's just what it is for me. If I try to man up and pick up a transmission or an engine block by myself, then I might be useless the next day. If I lean over the hood of a small car for several hours working on something, at some point my back begs me in unkind ways to stop. It pisses me off because I love working on cars but get no love in return for such.

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    I have definitely known people with significant, debilitating injuries/medical conditions refer to "the [body part]" instead of "my [body part.]" It seemed to help them deal with, to an extent, the affected areas of their body. But it also prevented them from emotionally healing and accepting their condition as part of who they are.

    I am so glad you brought this up and related it to being ABDL because I now see that even inside my head I refer to "the diapers" and not to "my diapers." It's as if the MY diapers are something outside myself, as if I am trying to force them away and by doing so I won't have to deal with being DL and the effects it has on my life. Now I am going to try to be aware of that, to think of them as MINE, and accept them as being a part of who I am. I am curious if that will have any effect on how I feel internally, so it should be an interesting experiment.
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