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    I was just wondering what kind of shoes ADISC wears.
    Do you have any cool shoes, or do you just prefer anything that's decent quality and will get you by?

    I personally own a pair of Adidas Adi-Rise 2.0 D1s
    (pictured and for sale here adidas Adi-Rise 2.0 D1 Shoes)
    And a pair of Nike Dual Fusions, which by the way are GREAT running shoes for anyone looking for a good pair.
    I'm also thinking of buying some Jordan SC-2s.

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    I mostly wear skate shoes. Current pair are DC Ken Block Pure that I've had for about a year and a half. I'm planning on picking up some DC Travis Pastrana signature shoes to replace them soon.

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    i love SAS shoes.
    but i am on my last par.....

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    I mostly wear my Redwing work boots. or my flipflops when im not on my bike. I love wearing adidas indoor soccer style shoes but havent seen any that are my style in years, i may have to look on ebay to find some old ones i like.

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    Usually those sandals with the Velcro straps.
    Brand I do not care for to much, just as long as there comfortable and at least decently made.

    I just hate enclosed shoe types.

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    I have worn adidas flip-flops since 2002. I had to wear shoes at work last year but besides that I only wear flip-flops. I walk around the house and drive barefoot.

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    I wear Vans, I have a pair that are dark grey and another that are purple and black. That's it for shoes that aren't for school or exercise.

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