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Thread: Hiiiiiii :)

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    Cool Hiiiiiii :)

    I'm Melina I've been a bedwetter for most of my childhood and now I just enjoy wetting once in a while.

    I'm A HUGE FAN of rpg abdl games and would love to get more in my collection :3 I'll probably post my collection of abdl games this week if I find the time.

    So nothing to say much about me ask me anything and I'll answer :3

    Btw I've been lurking on this website a LOT and decided to make my account but was tired of getting this lurker error so yeah Hi

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    Welcome to adisc! It's always nice to see new people joining us. So besides AB/DL stuff what do you like to do?

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    Hey, welcome to the site! You should post the list of ABDL RPGs you've fund so far, I've seen a few but never sure how many are good (and the only one I liked, was never finished so you'd get through like one day at most =( ). So yeah, what is/was your favorite ABDL related RPG you've played so far, and do you prefer RPGs just specific to that or RPGs in general as well?

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    Hi and welcome to the site. I used to play a lot of RPG's. I went through the Diablo series and enjoyed them.

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