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    Alright, so I just diapered myself, and before hand I had no urges, or need to use the toilet AT ALL. Yet when I put the diaper on, and secured the last tab, I felt something...cant describe it. Not three minutes later I peed in it just a little bit, where like i said, I had nothing before.

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    It is probably ur mind tricking u. U dont have the urge to go without a diaper. then the second u put one on u got to go. It is almost like u start to pee without a diaper on. Ur immediate reaction is to stop unless u dont want it to (XD) It is just ur body becoming attuned to the diaper.

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    My bodies immediate reaction on holding pee or not had nothing to do with this. I had no need to go. Its not like I "could of" but decided to wait. I just did not have to go.

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    I have that happen to me every now an then. Earlier today I wanted to change because I didn't want mine to leak into my chair on my next pee. So I

    decicded to change. After I stood up and pulled my panties up and resnaped my onesie. I took my wet one to the trash can. I turned to go sit down

    and as I did I flooded my diaper before I sat down. Came on that quick.

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