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Thread: Call of Duty: Diapers

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    Default Call of Duty: Diapers

    Anyone play Call of Duty while wearing diapers?


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    thanks for the move, I apologize

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    Default Call of Duty: Diapers

    Yes all the time. Especially if I will be playing zombies. I play WAW on PS3 it is still my favorite.

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    Maybe not exactly call of duty but I played many games wearing diapers

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    someone recently was shopping for call of duty and found a "you may also be interested in" side ad for diapers... they don't just randomly display those so there must be a little bit of a connection someone's drawing

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    All the time! I just wish I could master wetting at will, in a sitting position, without the interruption of standing up lol.

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    I have interesting story with this.

    About year ago when I receive copy of MW3. I think "I've been played Call of Duty for years I'm sure I can finished it in one day". Then I though maybe if I play it with Diaper and Paci would be fun. So I wait until Saturday when my home is empty.(Both of my sis is out and won't back until night, My dad is in work in other place for 2 weeks, My Mom will work until night). So I get padded put paci in my mouth and play MW3 until afternoon when I finished it.

    But I don't always get padded when I'm play especially when my family is around. But I'm never forget paci when I play Call of Duty(and other games).

    New Black Ops II will come. I guess I'm going to do that again.
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    I've wet while playing shooters before, it reduces your stress, I can understand why people do it.

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