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Thread: to lurk or not to lurk that is the question!

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    Default to lurk or not to lurk that is the question!

    to qoute shakespere lol,

    I'm a writer, I write most things from fanfiction to my own stuff,
    I like to get ideas on others work and have a 'thing' for that innocent diaper/nappy writing,
    I write more on fanficton then anything, but hey if it makes me a lurker so be it lol

    So hi!

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    Hi there . Glad you decided to become a member of adisc! We are a very friendly community and are welcoming to all newcomers. So, besides writing what else are you interested in? Are you part of any fandoms, do you play any sports, are you a gamer, etc?

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    Lurking is cool, I know I was a lurker for a little while before I joined. I still read a lot more than I comment.

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    Welcome to das site! I say to lurk, otherwise people here will turn you into a furry =o (though your name is kittens so maybe you are already a secret furry hmmmm...=p). *ahem* anywaysssss, what I guess fandoms, shows, etc. do you write fan fiction for? Related slightly, how long have you been writing in general? Is it just something you've always liked to do or something you found you enjoyed later on? Or something to keep green monsters away, etc? =p

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