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Thread: i am full blow incontentent any one else this way

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    Default i am full blow incontentent any one else this way

    Hi i have to wear diapers full time any one else has to

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    I'm not incontinent myself, no.
    Could you maybe phrase your question differently and give it a little bit more depth?

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    I was wondering. if anyone has loss of urine and bowl . i.feel i can't get a job cause.of this

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    What country do you live in. If you are in the USA you have the right to work.

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    I'm fully urinary incontinent, but not bowel. I still have to wear nappies 24/7. I work full time and the only person at work who knows is my manager (I told her to ensure I can get time off for medical appointments etc). No-one else knows or needs to know. It's not something you would need to declare if you were job-hunting.

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    I've been wearing 24/7 for years due to my incontinence. You don't need to tell anyone about it when applying for a job, so it shouldn't make it an issue. Even if you do, it would be unethical to refuse someone a job because of it.

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    I have urge urinary incontinence and wear 24/7 for that reason.

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    Be cause of medication related issues i am urinary incontinent. Just found this site and it helps to know that there are people like me. I have to wear diapers full time for the last 2.5 weeks and its going to be months before i find out if its permanent. In the mean time i m glad i have a diaper on but it does pose certain challenges. Changing at work is no big deal, but I play in a rock band and had to adjust my clothes to accommodate wearing a diaper. my wife is concerned and a little freaked out and it has effected our sex life. that's probably the worst part. I hope that improves over time.

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    Yep. Full-time in diapers due to overactive bladder and bowels. I've been either full-time employed or part-time employed/student since I was 16 (29 years). No reason to tell my employer and I don't care what they think about me taking my backpack to the restroom. It's none of their business. Sppppppppzzzzzzzzzz.

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    Apart from the relevance of disability legislation in a lot of countries even double incontinence can be manageable in the workplace. I have full time urinary and sometime fecal incontinence and have managed to lead a pretty full life. The key is to get really comfortable and confident about your protection and self management before starting out looking for a new job or taking on new responsibilities. Treatments are getting better (I guess) but not as quickly as incontinence products are improving. I would never be able to live my life today if I had to rely on the cloth diapers or early disposable products that I had to use as a child/teen. It's tempting to think that incontinence can ruin your life - but it needn't be that way.

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