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Thread: Im feeling really guilty..

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    Default Im feeling really guilty..

    Tonight i was at the gym running on the treadmill, and i saw their was an iphone that someone had left there. After looking round the gym trying to look at who was freaking out, i decided to look inside it to see if they were still in the gym. I had discovered that it was an asians phone due to the different language, so i went up to a pack of 3 people and asked if anyone had lost an iphone. The one guy that answered said no, sorry but my friend here has. (the friend was working out next to him) i was a little suspisous and didnt want to hand it to him, but then he said, yeah he left it over there, then he pointed to the treadmill i was on. I know i did a good deed to try and find the owner, and i should be proud, but i am still feeling really guilty that ive just given away someones phone..
    I need reassurance

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    Well the way i see it is that you didnt do anything wrong in fact you did the opposite by trying to find the owner

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    Hey it's not like you knew that it wasn't there phone and gave it to them all you tried to do was help out. We need more people like you if it was someone else they might of kept it for themselves/sold it.

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    The fact that he pointed to the same place you found it is a good sign. If he said he left it near the elypticals, or the free weights, I would have said, uhh, try again, and given it to the desk.

    Ya Done good.

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    Should have asked him what it looked like, but more than likely you got the right guy.

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    You had 4 options:

    1. slip the phone in your pocket and leave.

    2. ask around to find the owner

    3. turn it in at the desk

    4. leave it sit.

    Only the first option would have been wrong. You've got no reason to feel guilty.

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    No need to feel guilty, you had enough evidence (at the time) and made an unselfish decision. One of them said that his friend lost one and the guy pointed at the treadmills. Seems legit.

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    What more could you have done? DNA swatches, cross-referenced with those on the phone?

    You did the right thing, so well done you!

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    Should have looked in the phone book for mom or dad and called to let them know.

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    you did the right thing, well done. I lioke J450N, get DNA swatches. Also would make for interesting conversation calling mum or dad especially if they speak a different language

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