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Thread: Comfort Zones?

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    Default Comfort Zones?

    What does everyone call their "comfort zone"? Comfort zone is defined for me a place to take refuge from the rest of the world and work. You could add your own definition.

    My Comfort Zone is when I lay down laying my head on my pillow in my Digimon or Pokemon bedding (depends on which I have on my bed)and cuddling with my stuffed plushies(Hawkmon, and Tails mainly I also have other Digimon and Pokemon plushies). I am also wearing my Pokemon underwear and Digimon Shirt. All this with my AC on MAX with the covers over me. I like to sleep in cold temperatures and it also has to be dark. I have to literary cover all the lights on my clock my VCR/DVD combo player ECT with socks so the light don't bother me. I also like to listen to relaxing nature/spa music basically its birds chirping and or water flowing down a creek or thunderstorms.

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    I'm a cold temperature person too. If I had to pick, it would be me in bed with a nice think diaper on with the AC cranked way down to 55-60 (or just the window open in the wintertime) and a thunderstorm outside.
    Second to that, a thick diaper on under some pj's and playing on my computer.

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    comfort-zone to me is 70 to 81 degrees...
    propped up in bed or simply lying with nothing on and no covers. lots of pillows though are a must.
    had polio when i was very small; recovered from most of it after a long time but i still get really cold.... basically never warm.... well except when i lived in Hawaii.
    also must have the constant buzz of a fan running in the back ground so i can sleep.... takes me back to when i lived on the boat (sub).

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    I am also referring to what is anyones mental comfort zone

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    Well since i have no diapers,cant really say but what id guess is like a nice thick set of diapers,some footy PJ's and my stuffed animal,in the wintertime when its cold and I'm nice and warm.

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    The baby house my daddy built for me with all my diapers, toys and stuffed animals in it. I can do anything I want in my house. I can stay in a stinky diaper all day and play with toys or take a nap. Its sealed from the rest of the world and no on can bother me.

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    My only comfort zone is my bedroom. Any other room in my house is too exposed, and I always feel uncomfortable anywhere but my bedroom. I keep the curtains drawn, the lights off and the door locked virtually all day every day. I leave my room when my girlfriend wishes for us to go somewhere, when I have to go to work, when I need to find something to eat, shower or use the restroom(I virtually never wear diapers anymore). Other than that, I am locked away virtually all of the time.

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    I'm not just referring to a place where you would feel physically good but mentally good as well

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    I like to be in a relatively calm place where I can do my own thing or if I must be with someone either my immediate family or 1 to 3 close friends. I am extremely introverted and the more things I can get done on my own the happier I am.

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    My comfort zone is my pacifier and my doggy biscuit. I'd rather not go into huge details but I have a few mental problems that I have to deal with constantly, including panic attacks and night terrors and I have many pacifiers but one in particular can calm me down in a heartbeat. It's my favorite pacifier of all time, and I can't even sleep without it. I consider biscuit my crying dog. He's a giant stuffed pillow dog I can cuddle and cry into when I need to.

    I dunno what it is about the pacifier but I just feel safer and less terrified behind it.

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