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    I had a friend over just recently. I known this person every since I was 7 years old (We are now 21). We were watching a movie and drinking. He was drunk and when he gets drunk he gets horny. He had just broke up with his boyfriend. We were both laying down watching this movie when suddenly we start hinting around eventually start having gay sex. I never had sex and it was strange for me to do so. I don't want this to haunt me the rest of my life. What should I do? Should I get checked out? Where?

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    Get checked out...?? Im assuming your referring to STD's Were condoms involved ? Do you know for sure that he is clean ? (STD's and HIV and what not??) Do you know if your gay, or bi, or straight ? Have you ever had gay feelings for other men ??I think you have some questions to ask youself before you go asking others for help.

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    When he gets sober I don't want him to think that was weird.It was just a one time thing.It was oral sex.Lets just call it a quicky cause it didn't last long. Should I get checked out?

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    It wouldn't hurt to get checked out somewhere (I'm not sure where one would go) but I don't think it makes much of a difference whether it was gay or straight sex.

    edit: I doubt that you need to worry this much about oral.

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    Get checked out for what ? Do you believe your broken ?? Were you receiving the oral sex, or was he ?

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    National HIV and STD Testing Resources

    Absolutely get an HIV test as well as tested for STD's that can be past orally.....
    i have had to bury too many friends to see more young people go through this. use the link above. please.....

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