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    Default Role Playing with my girlfriend

    My girlfriend recently told me she would be interested in role playing with diapers, both sexually and non-sexually. We lost our virginities to each other 6 months ago, but have never done anything like this. My ultimate fantasy would involve one of us using the diaper for intended purposes, but she is opposed to that idea. I'm also quite unsure how she would react to this including an adult baby side as we've never discussed it (I'm much more of a DL-a 6 on the pyramid).
    She is willing to play either the diapered or the diaperer (both of which excite me, though the latter certainly does more for me).
    What do you guys suggest?
    Oh and he dad is in a nursing home, so nothing remotely medical.

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    My only piece of advise is to respect her boundaries when it comes to diaper play. Sounds like this is your thing and not hers so just be cool about it so everyone has a good time.

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    Fooling around in diapers is very fun but, don't push her to far.

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    Question 1. Does she know you have an interest in diapers. If yes, proceed with other suggestions. Take it easy, let her grow into this interest. If not proceed.

    If she is suggesting the two of you experiment with diapers, then there is a perfect opportunity to "start fresh". You can play along as if this is all very new to you, and when asked you can detail what things you are enjoying about this "new" experience.

    Already being a DL, you can have the opportunity to set up times where you will need to use them. For example, tell her that it might be fun to wear out on a picnic, or a stroll through a park or somewhere out and about. Take along water. Tell her that your going to be out, its warm, and you dont want to get dehydrated. Your in a prime setting to utilize your diaper. But dont be obvious about it, or she will see its planned. There are ways to go about it, so that it seems all very fresh and new to her.

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    Default Role Playing with my girlfriend

    Might I suggest 2 things? First, unless you two are 100% comfortable with the idea, do NOT role play an AB scenario for the first time. My wife and I did that first and it blew up like a nuke in our faces. Most people that don't already have AB tendencies can get extremely uncomfortable being in that vulnerable of a position.

    Second, let her decide how she'd like to incorporate diapers into the equation. Maybe something as simple as her favorite sexy outfit with a diaper on underneath, etc. At least in my experience, my wife likes wearing diapers for me, but she wants to feel as sexy as possible while doing so. I'd recommend asking what your girl's comfortable with and proceeding from there.

    If she is a bit on the kinky side, there are plenty of non-medical scenarios which diapers can be included in that can be quite fun, most of which involve bondage of some sort. Again though, talk to her about it first. I'd also recommend being upfront about being DL if you're not already. It might be a good way to break the ice and open yourself up for more playtime with diapers in the future. That's how my wife and I got involved in this whole thing. lol

    Best of luck to you!

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