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Thread: hi all from uk

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    Why hello there and welcome to ADISC i hope you enjoy yourself here and hope to see you posting around

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Hope you have fun :]

    I'm Annie; feel free to chat if you get bored. :]

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    Hey welcome!

    Just thought I would say Hi, plus I've come back too! Have not been here for ages (well a month or so) but I'm back and welcome!

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    Hello back from the UK

    As much as I love your intro, perhaps yee could share a little about yourself? Perhaps a wee bit of background on your profile or something?

    Not that you have to, I just think it's a good idea for people to get to know you, and vice versa.... I mean, that's what we're all here for

    Moving on swiftly... to, uh... yeah... Welcome!


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    Hello from not-the-UK.

    And now that we have the basics covered - mind telling us a bit more about yourself...please?!


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    We don't know each other but another dude from the UK = cool :-)

    So yeah, welcome and stuff.

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