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Thread: Noticing someone else

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    Default Noticing someone else

    I always see threads about someone noticing us wearing diapers, or a time where someone gave us a strange look.

    What I was wondering is, has anyone ever seen someone else wearing a diaper? I'm not talking about little kids, I mean adults or teenagers. I have only ever seen a woman in her late twenties buying molicare pull-ups, and it looked like she was wearing them herself, but I couldn't be sure.

    Anyway, tell your experience here, even though it would be very rare to see someone diapered.

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    Yeah I have sorta nice observation eyes. Sadly I haven't found someone who appeared to be wearing diaper and in fact buy them. I always feel like I'm the one in my local supermarket that buy Adult Diapers.

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    I've only noticed it once, with a young man in a wheelchair who clearly had cerebral palsy to a severe degree. His shirt was up on one side and I noticed the diaper over the waistband of his trousers. I felt like mentioning to his carer that she might want to tuck the shirt in for him but I didn't have the nerve.

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    I saw an older guy in a public restroom once throwing his diaper in the trash on the way out, but have never noticed anyone obviously wearing a diaper over the age of ten or so. Part of it is if you are going to be looking at peoples' nether regions with enough care to notice diaper bulges and such they could notice your scrutiny and cause embarrassment for both of you.

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    In all my years of wearing diapers, I've never noticed anyone wearing a diaper.

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    I've never noticed anyone either nor do I look for it. One time at my local CVS I was waiting in line to pick up my scripts I noticed a lady carrying her pack of

    diapers while shopping in another aisle to get some OTC meds. When I left she was already gone.

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    I realized my girlfriend's photography teacher was diapered when I sat in her class. I noticed there was a bulge in his crotch and at first I thought he had an erection and I was like 'dafuq', but as time went on I realized the bulge was broader than a penis would be and then I kinda went 'OHHHH' and considered that it might be a diaper.

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    Once-- it was just last week, actually. I was at the drugstore standing in the check-out line behind an old woman, and she was obviously wearing a diaper.

    I've seen people buying diapers several other times, but I don't think any of them actually wore diapers. I got the sense that they were all caregivers, and presumably they were buying them for an elderly relative.
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    I have never seen one. But I saw a woman carry a gray plastic bag once, the one you'll get from the pharmacy when you are buying diapers. They are big and have no logo, so they are very discreet bags, if you don't know they are for big products from the pharmacy, that is.

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    I find i so interesting how so many ab/dl's and incontinent people worry about people noticing their diapers. And there are alot of them. However, hardly anyone has seen another person wearing a diaper. Shows you our sense of paranoia

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