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Thread: Macy's magic? or a bit of incredible luck? XD

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    Default Macy's magic? or a bit of incredible luck? XD

    So I went to Macy's to look for stuff, and as usual I go to the boys section (I still fit, and its cheaper and cooler) and when I went to the dressing room to try stuff on, I noticed for some reason there was a set of XL girl tights in a corner of the room I was in, and underneath, a big, pink, XL dress of course I tried them on, and they fit so perfectly and felt so good! It was one of the greatest feelings I've had in a while, and it felt good to just stand/sit there and be a girl, even if just for a few minutes. It felt so right and I still remember every second of it I'll be posting pics as soon as I figure out how to from my phone :P
    Anyone else have an odd encounter like this?

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    No, but congrats on your luck there!! That must've been nice for you & I bet you felt great in that dressing room, being in girl mode there in the world that was that dressing room!! The color of the dress must've made you happier, as pink is most thought of as a color that screams girl & for there to be tights there with the dress, was just icing on the cake for you!!

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    Yes it was amazing! It was just so perfect and so lovely and it was such a happy monent, I can so vividly remember bow the dress felt on me and how the tights hugged my form so perfectly also, I now know that I can fit into the Macy's girl's section, so that should make buying clothes there easier and more affordable though I'm having some touble uploading the pictures from my phone o.o I guess I couid just email or text the pics to whoever would wanna see or something lol :P

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    That sounds like a pretty amazing! I love Macy's but oh my expensive!! I would love to see the pictures [Removed]
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    My wife bought me pink tights to wear under my pants while I drive my truck but thats as close as it gets for me.

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    What I do to get pics on here is put them on Photobucket and then use the URL link. That sounds sooo amazing, you've got one jealous girl over here~

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleRobKY View Post
    That sounds like a pretty amazing! I love Macy's but oh my expensive!! I would love to see the pictures [Removed]
    Macy's expensive? Hardly. A&F is expensive. Macy's is just sorta meh lol. But I guess its cuz I was in the actual girls section, not the lady section, that made it cheaper. And the email adress you sent me had a comma in it (,) is that part of it? I didn't understand and would love to show you the pictures but can't if I don't have a coherent address :'/

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    I had this happen but I did not try on the clothes, I was with my family at the time so all I could do was look at them and with that I tried them on.

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    i posted the pictures XD go to my page and see! do it! do it! do it! and tell me what you think

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    I think that pretty good luck to find that. The outfit is really cute and the leggins go well with it.

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