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Thread: lie or true... wet the bed ??

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    Lightbulb lie or true... wet the bed ??


    I found something very funny a friend told me that if you put a glass of warm water in a person when he/she is sleeping he/she wet the bed is that true ??

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    if it is true I would do with my diaper SDK it will come in mail

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    I heared that rumor too but I never had the experience to say if it works...Ill see if my mom is staying up all night and see if I can ask my mom to do that to me,if it actually works

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    Google it or search on Youtube. Ive heard that its possible, I dont know for certain.

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    I would think it would be hard to do to yourself, considering it would be uncomfortable to lay in bed with your hand in a glass of water.

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    No it's not true I see Mythbusters test the theory and found it "Busted"

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    I have a friend who has been victim of that trick a couple of times, and it has always ended in being scolded and washing his sheets XD
    I want to have it done to myself and see if its true with my own eyes

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    I've seen that episode of mythbusters as well. I don't think they tested it very well though. I know that when I come in contact with something warm I always get sudden urges to use the bathroom. Their testing environment didn't look very comfortable, I think that the participants didn't actually get to a true deep sleep. Who's be comfortable with all those wires attached to your face and head. I know I wouldn't be in a very deep sleep with all that on.

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    From what I've heard, it only SOMETIMES works. The main people that are susceptible to it are former bedwetters and those with weak bladders. Someone like me, who has no problem holding for 8+ hours, would likely just wake up with a wet hand. So it does work, but only under the right conditions.

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    I seen it happen a couple of times when I was in the military yrs ago. I wasn't in on them. But they were pulled on loud snorer's. That was in open bay barracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DONeill73 View Post
    Google it or search on Youtube. Ive heard that its possible, I dont know for certain.
    Yeah I serch it but i do not fine a stable response some say it is a lie and other truth, I will have to do an experiment

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer View Post
    No it's not true I see Mythbusters test the theory and found it "Busted"
    Mmmm? I will see it on youtube... I missed that myth

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